Ring Of Honor Showdown Results (3/31/12) - Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Back from intermission, Kelly and McGuinness don’t even acknowledge the technical difficulties, and I’m not sure if O’Reilly/Cole has happened yet, or not.

The Young Bucks make their way out to the ring for their second match of two with the All Night Express. They go under the ring immediately and grab weapons to bring in the ring with them. It’s worth noting that they’re wearing street clothes, but they have tassles cut into them.

Titus and King make their way to the ring through the crowd, bringing a shopping cart of weapons with them.

The Young Bucks vs. The All Night Express

ANX make their way into the ring and attack right away, blasting the Bucks with weapon shots and sending the Bucks from the ring. Titus and King follow the Bucks and brawl with the Jackson’s on the outside of the ring. King slams Matt into the barricade then mugs for the camera. Back in the ring, Titus and King double team Nick, kicking him, then placing a trash can over his head and hitting him with another kick, then a dropkick. Titus and King double clothesline Nick over the top rope before turning around and seeing Matt. They place another trash can over Matt’s head, then swing away with broom sticks, to the crowd’s approval.

King chokes Matt with a broom while Titus and Nick fight on the outside. Nick slams a trash can lid into Titus’ back. King and Matt take it to the outside and Titus whips Nick into the ring post while King whips Matt into the barricade. The fans are loving this at Titus whips Nick into the barricade and King slams Matt head first into the ring apron. Titus slams Nick into the ring post again before he and Kenny simply beat on Matt and Nick. Then the stream freezes yet again.

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