TNA No Surrender Results: Hardy Secures A Title Shot, Aces And Eights Strikes Again

Tara is the first woman to make her way out to the ring, and she gets a nice reaction from the Impact Zone crowd on her way out to the ring.

The champion, Brooke Tessmacher, is out next, and she gets a decent reaction from the crowd on her way out to the ring.

TNA Knockouts Championship Match

Brooke Tessmacher vs. Tara

Both ladies lock up and Tara takes Brooke into the corner.  Brooke is able to take Tara over and down to the mat.  Tara responds in kind.  Brooke attempts to work over Tara's arm, but Tara is able to turn things around.  She takes Tessmacher over in a wrist lock submission, and she's taken over with an arm drag.

Tara takes Brooke down to the mat and both women smile at each other.  Tara locks in a head lock, and Brooke fights her way out, only to run into a shoulder block.  Tara tries to take Brooke over in a backslide but only gets two.  Brooke tries for a cradle, but Tara rolls through and Brooke rolls to the outside.

Tara invites Brooke back into the ring and holds the ropes for her, but she goes right for a roll up.  Brooke isn't happy about it.  She pops up and hits two arm drags, holding on to the second one.  Tara makes it to the ropes to force Brooke to break the hold.  Brooke is reluctant.  Tara isn't happy about that and she slaps Brooke across the side of the face.  Brooke takes Tara into the corner and works her over.  She's also able to take Tara to the mat with a very awkward leg scissors.  Brooke hits a series of running forearms, before springing out of the corner with a big clothesline.  Brooke tries for a suplex, but Tara blocks it with an elbow to the back of the head.  Tara shoulders Brooke and takes her down with a crazy side slam that's good for another two count.

Tara takes Brooke over into the corner and seats her on the top rope.  She hits a big superplex and rolls right into the pin but Brooke is able to kick out at two.  Tara tries to pin her a couple more times, but gets the same result.  Tara takes Brooke up onto her shoulder for the widow's peak, but Brooke counters with a roll up, hanging on to get the three count.

Winner and STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Brooke Tessmacher

Tara leaves the ring angrily after the match, refusing a handshake from Brooke.

Backstage, Hulk Hogan is shown confronting Bobby Roode, who is being led off by police in handcuffs.  Hogan says he hopes Roode rots in jail.  Roode is attacked out of nowhere by Storm, but it's broken up by the cops.

We get a video package that highlights the recent history between Aces and Eights and the TNA World Champion, Austin Aries.

This leads to Aries making his way out to the ring wearing street clothes.  Aries grabs a mic and he says he knows the fans are used to him looking his stylish self, and wearing the World Championship, but tonight it's not about any of that BS.  There's no ref, there's no pinfalls or submissions.  There's only pain and payback.  Aries says he's the God of War.  The only rule in war, is that there are no rules, so whatever Aces and Eights has in store, he's ready for them, so it's time for them to hold up their end of the bargain.

Austin Aries fights the Armbreaker

No one comes out for a bit so Aries asks where he is, and says they had a deal on Thursday.  Aries says he's got nothing else on his schedule.

The Armbreaker is shown heading out from the crowd, and he makes his way into the ringside area.  Aries stomps away at him as he tries to head into the ring.  The Armbreaker backs away and tries again, only to be kicked away by Aries.  Aries backs away and props himself up in the corner, allowing the Armbreaker to get to the apron.  Aries dropkicks his legs out from under him and hits a dive through the ropes.  He takes the Arm breaker around the ring and drives his head into the ring steps before delivering some huge rights and lefts.  Aries brings things back into the ring and kicks away at the Armbreaker before mounting him in the corner and punching away at him.  Aries rips at the mask, but he's hit with a low blow that sends him crashing to the outside.

Aries pulls himself up to the apron, but the Armbreaker sends him back to the outside with a big right hand.  The Armbreaker heads to the outside where he stomps away at Aries before sending him crashing into the ring steps hard.  He picks Aries up and slams him into the ring steps head first before sending him back into the ring.  The Armbreaker hits Aries with some nasty right hands in the corner before backing up and hitting a big running splash.  He grabs Aries and blasts him with a giant short arm clothesline.  He picks Aries up for a powerbomb, but Aries opens a packet of powder and drops it in the big man's eyes.  Aries hits a series of forearms in the corner before blasting the big guy with a corner dropkick.  The Armbreaker heads to the outside, so Aries heads to the top and leaps out with a giant body press.  Aries fights the Armbreaker up the ramp before bringing things back into the ring.  Aries climbs back up to the top, but he's stopped by the Armbreaker with a big right hand.

The Armbreaker heads back out after Aries, bringing him right back into the ring.  He grabs a chair and makes his way back into the ring himself.  He winds up with the chair, but Aries ducks.  Aries punches the big man with a roll of coins and the big guy is staggered.  Aries drops the Armbreaker with a nasty brainbuster.  He goes to pull off the man's mask, but Aces and Eights swarm from the back.  They eventually bring down Aries, and the locker room empties.  There's a huge brawl in the ring and members of the TNA locker room unite to take out the members of Aces and Eights.

Hulk Hogan makes his way out from the back, and the crowd goes wild.  Hogan's got a baseball bat in his hand.  Hardy was apparently taken out somehow during the melee.  He tells the crew to get that scum out of the building and lock it down.  Ray lets Hogan know that Hardy's hurt, and Hogan calls for help.  Hardy's grabbing at his shoulder and arm.  Hogan tells security to lock every entrance and exit around the building.  He also asks for someone to call the cops.  Hardy is escorted to the back by the trainers.

Footage is shown of Hardy being tossed into the ring post shoulder first, which is what led to his injury.

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  • Boothmonkey

    Surely it obvious Bully Ray is behind Aces and Eights!

    • LilRJ

      Damn rite its becoming obvious now

      • jdl

        This is TNA we're talking about here, never assume the obvious is going to happen. Just look at the A&8s plotline… it's been two months and no one has been unmasked, they had the entire locker room brawling with the faction, and no one took a mask off save for one random guy no one recognizes. After this long at least one actual member should have been revealed, but so far we have nothing. It may seem like Bully Ray is now an obvious choice, but since when has TNA ever gone with the obvious, sensible choice?

        • LilRJ

          Yeah TNA has always been known for swerving their fans with bizarre or surprising twist

          • jdl

            No they haven't, that's now what I meant at all. TNA is known for screwing the pooch with plot line conclusions. They don't swerve, they run headlong into a train.

  • Steve l

    Maybe a little too obvious.

  • David

    Was wondering where Bobby has been

  • Bishop

    The big guy is going to turn out to be Jamie Noble

  • Wwefan4ever

    Wow they just keep hitting finishers but they aren’t well… Finishing

  • Bishop

    Unbelievable…not in the good way

  • Bobfather

    Anybody else thinking Abyss / Joseph Park is the big guy heading up Aces & Eights?

    • Bishop

      I’m in the majority about Luke Gallows. Now with the way the show ended, Bully Ray is out of the running for Aces and 8’s. All the signs were there, but it’s one of those TNA swerves…or lack of knowledge on even what they themselves are doing. The company is good, great talent and have star power. It just doesn’t look good when they drag stuff on because they don’t know how to end or do a reveal

    • bill

      I been thinking it was abyss all along

  • Chris

    It's either Bully, Bobby, Hardy, or Abyss leading Aces&8's or maybe JJ. Just my opinion!

  • LeftyTosser

    I'm a Hardy fan, but that had to be the most screwed up finish to a big match I have seen in a long time. Jeff takes a steel post to the shoulder. Then Bubba beats on the shoulder for 15 minutes and yet Jeff's shoulder is better and more mobile at the end of the match than at the beginning? Sorry Dixie, this one stinks. Good PPV, but give fans credit for common sense.

  • Brian

    We will see who the big guy turns out to be, but it HAS for sure been Abyss in the last weeks. Even though they mask the voice, you can still tell its him by the way he speaks… It’s so odvious.

  • branch0095

    Jeff Hardy in a World Title match at BFG……Let's just say this. If this one ends similar to his last one on "10-10-10", Im going to puke. I don't believe for a second that there's another Hardy heel turn, and him being the crown jewel of another heel stable, but if it does, lord help us all. I can't stand Jeff Hardy now, or ever, and he sure as hell better not take the strap off of the Greatest Man Alive A Double!

  • Rob

    Hulk hogan cause tna are obsessed with giving him what he wants and putting him at the top

  • smithmiester

    This is the worst TNA ppv I’ve seen in a long long time. Abusolutely crap

  • Steve l

    TNA is the awful at plot conclusions? C’mon ! At least they dont use a leprechan for every surprise reveal.

    • StephenSnel23

      One time buddy. Good try

      • Bishop

        2 times actually

        • Stephen

          What other time other than the GM?

          • Hornswaggle was revealed to be vince’s son. 1st thing that comes to mind for me.

          • Stephen

            Yeah but that was planned as a storyline, Hornswoggle was never penciled in at the begining to be the GM. It was just WWE's way of quickly tying up loose ends.

    • keysto07

      With that being said maybe aces and 8s will turn out to be the half pint brawlers.

    • "They are coming! They are coming!" – Used in TNA for ever "major angle" since 2010.

  • Jason

    Well so far the main guy that does all the talking is DLo just look at his neck, and Luke Gallows and Mike Knox is the two big guys and the little guy with lots of hair is Wes Brisco, come on people watch tna more careful and it’s all there

    • Brian

      The main guy is Joseph park/abyss. Listen to the way he talks…it’s the same talking pattern as Joaeph Park. Will it end up being him? Idk. But it’s 110% him doing the skit.

      • Jason

        The main guy may be abyss now that the mask covers the neck cause it was Dlo for a bit and they already said he was only in it temporary so now I agree with you about it being abyss

  • Mantaur

    Bully Ray is done with TNA. Finishing out the BFG to be decent but soon as the lawsuit clears up he and Devon are headed to WWE. Abyss is the “Armbreaker” guy and Hogan will turn out to be the head of A&8’s. Jarrett will have some role in the group too, TNA will play it all out terrible and be out of business by next summer.

    • Jason

      Really abyss the arm breaker?? No the arm breaker is Luke Gallows or Mike Know.. Probley Gallows from the speed and the way he moved when he was with cm punk..

  • aeaton45

    I thought the ppv was entertaining til the main event. I thought there were some really good matches. The A Double fight had me looking forward to the end of the ppv just to be let down

  • NWWF3

    As much as I love wrestling (50years plus), I hate todays soap opera storylines– always a ref getting bumped- "asses and apes", bogus brother characters, …..i know, someone said why watch?? severely hoping for some
    legitimacy from one of the promotions. Many years ago- about 30, I worked for a promotion out of NE Ohio,
    and wore many hats within that Federation – sure we had storylines, but they were believable.