Complete WWE No Mercy Kickoff Results

WWE No Mercy Kickoff Results
Sunday, October 9, 2016
From the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California
Report by Brooks Oglesby of

Welcome to the WWE No Mercy Kickoff! Fans file into the arena as Renee Young introduces her fellow panelists: Booker T, Jerry Lawler, and Lita.

Tom Phillips is in the Social Media Lounge. He invites us to use #WWENoMercy to join the conversation. In addition, The Usos will be joining him for a live Q&A. Use #AskUsos to send in your questions.

Renee brings up the match between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt. Lita reminds the panel that Bray prevented Orton from competing at the last Smackdown pay-per-view, so Orton will be on fire tonight. Jerry says Orton has a long history of mind games, but he doesn't think he's capable of getting as twisted as Bray Wyatt. Booker says Bray has made a huge impact since coming to WWE, but he's barking up the wrong tree with Orton. You can't play mind games with Randy Orton. Booker and Lita pick Randy to win, while Jerry picks Bray.

The conversation moves to the Career vs. Title Match between The Miz & Dolph Ziggler. Booker says Ziggler has everything to lose tonight. Jerry says we shouldn't be placing all the blame on Ziggler, as Miz is doing excellent work lately. Renee notes that Ziggler mentioned he already has fall-back plans in case he loses, which brings into question his motivation. Lita says The Miz's career has had its own peaks and valleys. Lita picks Dolph to win, while Booker and Jerry pick Miz.

Curt Hawkins' music hits as he makes his way to the ring. He gets a mic and says he did it! Curt Hawkins has set foot in the ring at No Mercy. He says "thank you and good night" as pyro hits and his theme plays. He goes to leave the ring, but stops. He says he's going to take another step forward and make a Curt Hawkins announcement. A siren sound effect plays, and Hawkins says he'll be having his very first match on Smackdown this Tuesday. With that, he exits the ring.

Backstage, Alexa Bliss approaches Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan. Shane says that Becky Lynch will be unable to compete tonight due to injury. Alexa says she signed a contract to have a championship match at No Mercy. She's not here, so Alexa should be the new Smackdown Women's Champion. Bryan says she's still the No. 1 Contender, and she'll get her title match. But tonight, she'll have a chance to compete. Back at the panel, Jerry says Alexa should demand that Shane and Bryan hand her the Women's Championship.

In the Social Media Lounge, The Usos join Tom Phillips for a live Q&A. The first question asks what inspired their new attitude. They say the WWE Universe inspired it. They booed us, and now they have the attitude of going out there and taking what they want. The next question asks about their attack on American Alpha, and whether it was inspired by jealousy. They ask if American Alpha has a title shot tonight. They have nothing to be jealous about. The next question asks about The New Day, and if they have thoughts on breaking their record. They say they're on Raw, and The Usos are on Smackdown. Once they win the titles, get back to them with that question. Back at the panel, Renee asks what happens to Heath Slater if he loses tonight. Lita says Heath needs to stay on a roll if he's to salvage his career with this run. Jerry picks The Usos to win. Booker and Lita pick Heath and Rhyno.

The conversation moves to Jack Swagger vs. Baron Corbin. The panel discusses whether Baron tapped out during their Smackdown match on Tuesday. Booker says he didn't see a tap there. Lita says she enjoyed seeing Baron scrambling for the ropes on Smackdown. Jerry and Lita picks Swagger to win. Booker picks Baron.

The conversation then shifts to Nikki Bella vs. Carmella, as Nikki Bella joins the panel. Nikki says Total Bellas is unlike any other reality show out there. There's a lot of compelling stuff, and it's such a compelling season. Lita says Carmella has been picking on her since she got to Smackdown, and she thinks she's vulnerable after her neck injury. Nikki says Carmella reminds her of the "old" Nikki Bella. She wouldn't have stepped back into the ring if she weren't ready for war, and Carmella doesn't understand that. Jerry asks if she has any idea how beautiful she is. Lita and Jerry pick Nikki to retain, whereas Booker picks Carmella.

We go to ringside as Mauro Ranallo, JBL, and David Otunga set up the first official match of the Kickoff.

American Alpha & The Hype Bros vs. The Vaudevillains & The Ascension

Chad Gable and Aiden English start in the ring. Gable takes English down repeatedly and applies a front headlock as Jason Jordan tags in. Simon Gotch runs in to break up a double-team move, but ends up running into English in the corner. Jordan whips Gable into them, and Gable lands a monkey flip on Gotch before AA land tandem dropkicks. Jordan goes for a pin attempt before tagging in Zack Ryder. English tags in Viktor, who applies a headlock takedown. Ryder whips Viktor, but gets hit by a shoulder block. Viktor goes for a vertical suplex, but Ryder counters into a hangman's neckbreaker. Mojo Rawley tags in and slaps both sides of Viktor's head. Mojo dodges a boot attempt and lands a lariat for a two-count. Konnor tags in and works over Mojo in the corner. Mojo fights out and lands a cross-body as Ryder tags in and lands a flapjack on a charging Viktor. The teams on the apron run in as well, with American Alpha landing suplexes on The Vaudevillains. The Hype Bros help to clear the ring as we to go commercial.


Konnor is in control with a grounded headlock on Ryder. Viktor tags in and lands a boot to Ryder's gut. Viktor goes for a quick pin, then tags Konnor back in. Konnor goes to the floor and puts Ryder's head under the apron before landing a kick. Aiden English tags in and goes for a pin, followed by a side headlock. Ryder goes for a tag, but English stops him and carries him to the heel corner. Gotch tags in and works Ryder over in the corner. Konnor tags in and lands a European uppercut before mocking Mojo on the apron. Konnor charges at Ryder in the corner, but Ryder gets his knees up. Ryder goes for a tag, but Konnor drags Ryder out to the floor before he can. Ryder gets the upper hand and throws Konnor into the barricade. Ryder makes his way into the ring. Viktor charges at him and gets tossed over the top rope, as does Gotch. Ryder jumps to his corner to make a tag but Mojo and Gable get pulled off the apron by Konnor. Back in the ring, Konnor whips Ryder into the heel corner and charges. Ryder dodges and sends Konnor shoulder-first into the ring post. Ryder crawls to Jason Jordan and gets the tag. English is tagged in as well and Jordan lands an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Jordan lands an exploder suplex before going for a pin, which is broken up by Gotch. Mojo enters the ring and lands a running forearm to Gotch's head. Viktor lands a spinning elbow attack to Mojo. Ryder goes for the Rough Ryder on Viktor, who tosses him over his head and onto Konnor. Gable lands a cross-body onto Viktor. English goes for a senton but misses. American Alpha lands Grand Amplitude on English to get the win.

Winners: American Alpha & The Hype Bros

Back at the panel, the conversation moves to the WWE World Championship Match between AJ Styles, John Cena, and Dean Ambrose. They talk about how the main event is going on first tonight. Jerry says the pressure is on for those who have to follow this match. Jerry also picks Cena to win, right off the bat. He says Cena is focused on Ric Flair's record tonight. Lita says it wasn't one pay-per-view that made John Cena the face that runs the place. It takes a long time to prove yourself, and one single match cannot do that. Booker says he told AJ Styles years ago to go follow his dreams and become WWE Champion. So many guys have stepped up to John Cena, and none of them could do it, but AJ is phenomenal. Lita picks Ambrose to win. Jerry picks Cena. Booker picks AJ to retain, as the Kickoff goes off the air.

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  • The mind games between orton and Wyatt have been beautiful. This has been a great storyline.

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  • I thought of a potential WM location I don’t think anyone has ever considered before.

    • Where?

      • Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, TN. They could easily break the Dallas Texas record and then some.

        • My only worry is not filling it. They need to sell out WM and with the numbers hurting the way they have been, it could be a jaw dropping black eye for them. Just playing Devil’s advocate here.

          • I can understand that but it’s wrestlemania I’m sure it will sell out.

          • I figure it would, but I’d be worried after all we’ve seen from them recently.

          • Yeah but people had said the same thing about Wm 32 in Dallas.

          • True, very true.

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    Okay. First things first… The Dook is loose.

    Second, rumors are the WWE Championship is the first match in the card. Umm… why?

    And third, is Becky Lynch legitimately injured or not? Nothing confirmed from WWE, nothing on Instagram, Twitter, nothing. What’s the deal?

    Oh… and Gears of War 4 is amazing.

    • I have no clue, and cannot help. I got the rumor sent to me about Becky, and I told the tipster to tell RG, as I was in the woods for a medieval weekend. I’m only just home so I can sleep in a warm dry place for the night before going back to pack up with my hubby in the morning. I honestly have no clue about anything that’s happened in days!

    • CJ Blaze

      Basically we’ll get an answer tonight. It sounds like she is hurt in someway because she was off last night’s SD live event. Bliss will probably attack Becky to prevent the match from happening.

    • Mandy

      The second one is confirmed, WWE tweeted about it. I have no idea why they would put the title match first.

      The third, WWE was still promoting the match today so either they do a swerve or Becky is not hurt at least i hope she isn’t.

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    Ugh the talking during entrances is kinda annoying to me. Makes me wonder when Eva will be back.

    • Eva’s is so much better, and makes so much more sense.

  • He’s re-debuting on the KIckoff? After all that setup?

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    Well, I guess I got my answer. So it’s not from in-ring competition. It’s something involving her medical clearance or something. What could it be?

    • It might be something nagging that wasn’t completely happened at one specific time in the ring. Or maybe something that happened when she was training, or working out. Could have been a nagging little thing that was aggravated by sleeping wrong on a plane. Who knows.

      • kingdook24

        Well, she’ll be back November 8th. So I’m kinda happy. She’ll be missed tonight.

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    nikki barin corbin usos miz aj bliss beats naomi orton beats bray but bray needs that win.

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    Elimination Chamber will be coming back… the logo just appeared on that list.

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    The WWE Title match opening the show is… different. Maybe Dolph loses and he gets a long farewell or something?

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      I’m hoping the IC Title closes the show.

  • I really hope this ref thing isn’t some convoluted face turn of Baron Corbin

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      • I’ve seen this play out so many times though of seeing a ref screw a guy over repeatedly to turn someone.

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          • Same here. Corbin can be a monster heel.

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          • Can and should, but needs more character, and a storyline!

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  • Jerry Lawler trying to be Pervy just comes off creepy now.

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  • Is it too much to ask for Hawkins to destroy his old partner on smackdown and I never have to see Ryder ever again?