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Jeff Cobb (Matanza) On Signing With WWE, His Character & Lucha Underground


Jeff Cobb was a recent guest on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling to talk about various things. Cobb is mostly known for portraying the monster Matanza Cueto on Lucha Underground.

He talked about the potential of heading to WWE:

“I don’t know right now and just for the fact to say that I don’t want to work for the WWE would be a bold face lie. I’m never going to say I don’t want to go there, I would love to make a really good living and wrestle and to train at the performance center and GOOD LORD if I had access to that Performance Center it would be amazing. But as of right now where I am at, I am just enjoying this time on “Independents” touring the world. With WWE you don’t get to do that. You don’t get to say I am going to take a booking in Ireland because you have to be at the Performance Center or when you have shows in Tampa. It is that give and take relationship of you are going to get great exposure and a good living but you have to be with them all the time and at this point there are a couple of things I want to do before I even go that route. I’d like to throw my hand in New Japan and see how I do there. Like people say, you never say never in wrestling and if it came up I would definitely have to sit down and take a big long and hard look at it and see what is best for me and my family.”

He discussed his status with Lucha Underground:

“I am still under contract with them and hopefully we will be filming season four sometime soon. They haven’t given us the date yet so hopefully we will be filming soon because the fans want it, the people want it, the “internet wrestling community” wants it and I feel that we should definitely be giving it to them.I signed for the longterm seasons so hopefully you will be seeing a lot of me and my character around kicking butts and taking names.”

Finally, he discussed the Matanza character itself:

“Originally I was supposed to do a different character type or a shooter type of gimmick. I wasn’t really fully grasped when they approached me with this character and I thought, oh man I’ve got to be under a mask but I figured I could show my range and do it and see what happens and I couldn’t grasp or comprehend what my character would be or what he meant to the Lucha Underground universe and the storyline aspect of it but I am very happy that I was given the opportunity to play this character and very very happy with what the character has become.”


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