Mae Young Under Hospice Care

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Mae Young is not doing well and has reportedly been placed under the care of hospice. She was hospitalized in the latter part of last month. Young is 90-years-old.

  • Draven

    God bless mae.

  • Henry

    A true wrestling legend. I can’t believe she’s kept going this long. She always made me laugh, I remember when she did that strip tease…. oh dear.

  • Matt

    Can’t stop the inevitable; just remember the good memories!

  • Patrick

    wish her the best and hope she gets well soon.

  • Rob


  • BIG M

    Sad very Sad.

  • sam

    All they can do now is try to control her pain. After recently seeing someone in hospice care.. it’s really sad.

  • It will truly be a sad and dark day when she finally passes. I just hope she doesn’t suffer.

  • 1molly23

    Prayers for you Mae!

  • Smarky Smark

    God bless her.

  • Smarky Smark

    God bless

  • anon360

    🙁 God bless