Mark Crozer Performing Wyatt Family Theme Song Live At Wrestlemania 30

Mark Crozer, who does the vocals for Bray Wyatt's "Live in Fear" theme music, is set to perform at Wrestlemania 30 on Sunday. Crozer wrote the following on Facebook:

Crozer was backstage at Monday Night Raw in Brooklyn, New York a couple weeks ago and is based out of New York.

  • D.L.

    Yea lets have the fans cheer for the heel by giving him a live musical performance.

    • Bork

      It’s Wrestlemania. At least half of the crowd is going to be booing Cena anyway. If they’re gonna cheer for Bray, may as well make his entrance cool.

    • Win

      DX, Triple H, CM Punk. All were heels at Wrestlemania. All had live entrance music. All were booed. Music has nothing to do with whether the crowd gets behind a character or not. Know the history. Then speak!

      • D.L.

        Know your psychology, then speak.
        Peter Griffin: “I HAVE SPOKEN!”

        • Win > D. L.

          Lmao! I guess the WWE doesn’t know it either. I’m smarter than you: I have spoken!

  • Matt

    That’s going to be awesome!

  • Jonathan Salcido

    I’ve never been a fan of live performances at Mania. The live performance sucks if you’re not in the actual audience. Plus the sound is normally crappy. WWE, just blare the entrance music twice as loud if you want us to care more.

  • John

    Why couldn’t they have got Eminem to perform Legacy? It fits this match perfectly.