Michael Cole Interviews Florida Governor; Heath Slater Over Like Rover

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Michael Cole interviewed Florida Governor Rick Scott ahead of tonight’s WWE Tribute to the Troops special, which was taped last week in Jacksonville, FL. You can watch it below:

We re-posted taping results for Tribute to the Troops at this link.

For those wondering why WWE had Heath Slater in the segment earlier today, he was over like rover in Slammy voting. Fans have been clamoring for quite some time to give him a chance and WWE at least wants them to believe they’re listening.

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  • Cubed56

    Wants them to believe they are listening? Slater is a very good talent. Not saying he should be in the WWEWHC picture but he is good in the ring and pretty decent on the mic. I’d like to see him get involved in the IC/US title picture at the very least

  • Mandy

    Slater is underrated by WWE, he may never reach the top but he can be a very good mid card talent. The timing is just right to have him be a part of the mid card picture

  • kyleferretti

    Sounds like Sandow too

    • Vomkrieg

      Slater is a solid guy who can be pretty funny at times and is willing to do anything. Which makes him pretty good in my books for a “santino marella” sorta role. He won’t be WWE champ, but you can use him a lot.

      Sandow on the other hand, I think is a real top level talent. He got so over with terrible gimmicks, I mean they gave him the gimmick that buried Charlie Haas and he made it work. Some nights Mizdow got the biggest response of anyone short of DB, JC and the shield.

      Sandow has the tools to be, if not a top guy, then upper middle card for sure.

      • kyleferretti

        Agreed – it’s a shame to see the treatment he’s received. And now I believe they’re trying to move him back to the way he was.