Michelle McCool Gives Her Thoughts About Vickie Guerrero In Her Latest Video

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Michelle McCool has been posting new videos on her official Youtube account recently and she just uploaded a new one where she talks about Vickie Guerrero. The video can be seen below:

  • Stoney

    Will Michelle just shut up

    • bejealous

      No one is making you watch the videos so if you don’t want to hear from her then just stop watching them. Plain and simple!

      • Dave Barton

        I agree with both of you…I'm tired of her being treated like she's some kind of authority on women's wrestling, but at the same time I just refuse to watch her videos.

  • Richard Gray

    Relax everyone. Michelle released these videos right around the holidays when news is slow. Ordinarily we wouldn't go out of our way to run them but it's better than nothing new. They're actually really good if you give them a listen, Michelle talks strictly non-kayfabe and is very open and honest.

  • BigMike7302

    My issue with her is this: she acts like such an authority on everything wrestling when she HAD NO TALENT the entire LayCool thing was 2 "wrestlers/Divas" that had ZERO talent – except of course for her ability on her back – the only reason anyone still gives a crap about her is that she is married to the Undertaker; Vickie, is making Eddie proud from beyond with the way she took what was giving her and RAN with it I truly think Eddie would be LOVING her persona

    • Dave Barton

      I can hear Eddie now…"Lie, Cheat, and Steal, Mamacita!"

    • Tony P.

      She had no talent? Lol you sure you watched her wrestle?

  • Edward Boyle

    I've watched 4-5 of them and I enjoy them. I do wish she would give some more stories, but also know she only has 5-7 min total for the vids. I'm glad WnW has them, as I do not go to any other site, except for oklafan.com which is for the Oklahoma feds.