Michelle McCool Says Kelly Kelly Will Go Down One Of The Most Over Babyfaces Of All Time

Former WWE Diva Michelle McCool says Kelly Kelly will go down as one of the most over babyfaces of all time. She went on to discuss Kelly breaking into the business, mentoring her along the way and discussed several Kelly Kelly moments in detail.  Michelle's comments can be listened to in the video embedded below:

  • IlyasG

    If by "all time" she means the years she has spent in the WWE, then yes I may agree with her…

  • mm

    will kelly pose nude

  • The Awesome James

    Read the title slightly wrong. This is a family friendly site, so I won't write how I read it. But if you're filthy minded like me, you already know…

    But really? Michelle McCool, who couldn't draw heat from a fire, claiming K2 was one of the most over babyfaces of all time? There's 4 generations of Women's wrestlers who came before who would disagree…

    Not even the most over female babyface of the last 2 years…

    • Daniel

      Also, you gotta keep in mind, that a friend is going to hype another friend no matter what. That's what you do, so what I read is Michelle McCool is just putting Kelly Kelly over as a good performer. But, that's just my perspective.

  • joe

    Funny cause when she was with wwe she never got a reaction the only diva that seems to get fans behind her is aj in the pg era

  • Miles


  • Miles

    Most over at sucking at her job

  • stoney

    I hate how wwe released top divas like mickie James, melinda and k2 as if they meant nothing to the company

  • Jamie

    Thank god Barbie blank is no longer with wwe. That girl sucked in the ring and pretty much everythIng else she did. Wwe used her for a piece of meat to attract guys and now that she has dyed her hair she looks like crap. Just my opinion. She was the biggest joke ever in the divas division. Once again just my opinion.

  • Joe

    That would be trish

  • Iamjohnnymcb

    Did undertaker did something to mccool’s head, thats why ses clearly delusional

  • That picture…….YES.

  • Blazeking

    Looks like a lot of people just looked over the "one of" part and just bashes Kelly Kelly anyway.
    "One of" doesn't mean "The only"…. It means exactly what it says. She *was* "one of" the most over next to Lita & Trish, & Chyna. Denying that is pathetic no matter how much you don't like her. Give credit where it's due.