Does Mick Foley Think Daniel Bryan Beatdown Went Too Far?

Mick Foley says he's been asked if he thought The Authority's beatdown on Daniel Bryan to close this week's episode of Monday Night Raw went "too far," pointing out the beating he took at the hands of The Rock in Royal Rumble 1999. Below is his response from Facebook:

I thought the closing segment of this week's episode of Monday Night Raw was well done and a nice followup to the Occupy Raw movement. One for Bryan, one for Hunter. It's the way to continue to Wrestlemania.

Check out my full reactions from this week's episode of Monday NIght Raw at this link.

  • Scott Davies

    I think Mick Foley is working this. I would not be surprised if he is named a Special Ref

    • Matt

      I always thought his criticisms of late were a work for something in the future. It would be sweet to see Mick back on TVs even semi regularly (not counting that Saturday show).

  • IlyasG

    Oh please! The angle was well-thought and very well-executed. And the only reason the RR99 match with The Rock is deemed violent is because of the reaction of Foley’s family on Beyond The Mat (totally understandable but it’s not one of a kind). I don’t see any complaints about the countless chair shots he and Terry Funk gave or received during their feud with the New Age Outlaws.

    • opie

      I don’t know, man. Foley took eleven nasty, unprotected chair shots to the head. That was hard for me to watch.

    • Bob’s Diner

      Personally, at the time I thought the match with The Rock was over the top and unnecessary. Same with the Mankind/Outlaws match at SummerSlam 98 – both classic cases of being so violent they weren’t even entertaining

      • IlyasG

        Actually, I am not arguing that these matches were not violent, I just don’t understand how so many fans criticize a restrictive set of matches (eg: the 99 I Quit match) and yet praise many other bouts that featured just as much violence. The Attitude Era, which many consider as the best of the Modern Era in wrestling, had a huge share of in-ring violence that very few of these same fans would condemn.

        As BigMike said, the ring post and the camera angle did all the job Triple H’s chair shot.

    • BigMike

      Foley himself even said that it was too many chair shots and him and Rock had a few issues for a bit after that because it did split Mick open pretty bad and the HHH head shot to DB was against a ring post so IMO the post got more of it

  • Rus

    Is there no one that is going to mention the chair shot to the head when HHH put Bryans head against the ring post???

  • BigMike

    I had thought that chair shots had been banned so it must have been major for HHH and DB to do this and THAT is alot of this, however if you notice the camera angle was from the back and he swung tghe chair close to the ringpost so it was well placed for the sound effect