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Tiffany's Take: It's Time Donald Trump Was Removed From the WWE Hall of Fame.

His behavior as President should invoke immediate expulsion

I always swore I would never allow politics into my wrestling writing, but here we are. Full disclosure: I'm a Democrat and a proud one. However, my political affiliation has little bearing on this article. 

It's time WWE removed Donald Trump from the WWE Hall of Fame. Not only is he one of the least qualified people to be in there, which is saying something, but his actions as President of the United States of America have proven that he has no business representing professional wrestling in ANY capacity.

Donald Trump and WWE go way back to at least the late 80s when Trump Plaza in Atlantic City hosted WrestleManias IV and V. He was also involved in a couple of storylines in WWE, famously taking part in the Battle of the Billionaires at WrestleMania 23.

While that sounds like more than a lot of celebrities have done to get into the HOF, none of them have had the power of Donald Trump or have caused as much pain and suffering.

'Wait,' I hear you saying 'What about Jimmy Snuka? What about Hulk Hogan?' It's true, that they and others in the Hall of Fame have been responsible for awful things, but none of those people became President. None of them had the power that Donald Trump had and none of them were responsible for as much pain and suffering as Donald Trump. 

Example? Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Snuka didn't ignore a global pandemic and hamper efforts to stem the tide, or shrugged while 300,000 people died. They didn't refuse to accept they'd lost an election and then incited their supporters to storm the Capitol Building to try and overturn a free and fair election. They didn't take every opportunity to inflict pain and suffering on people that didn't support them. 

The biggest hurdle to removing Trump is, of course, the McMahon family. As I stated above, the links between the McMahons and the Trumps go back to at least the 80s. The family has supported and donated to Trump's campaigns and Linda McMahon has been serving in Trump's cabinet. However, the McMahon's are businesspeople and having Trump in their Hall of Fame, at this point, can't be good for business. Pro-wrestling has a quite diverse group of fans, many of whom fall into categories that Trump has denigrated. 

I know a lot of people reading this will want to write this off as a liberal snowflake whining about the mean ol' GOP. No, fuck that. I'm a liberal, yes, but I'm also a proud American and a proud wrestling fan. Donald Trump has NO business representing WWE or its Hall of Fame in ANY capacity after what he's done, and the longer the McMahons keep him in there and support him, the worse they make WWE and pro-wrestling in general look. Get him out of there!

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