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(The opinions expressed here are those of Kevin Christopher Sullivan and do not necessarily reflect those of anyone else at Wrestling News World, the other websites he writes for, his friends, family, or people who saw him at the grocery store the other day.)

Hi! I'm Kevin and thanks for reading the first edition of The Sullivan Segment, which is a very stupid name for a column but I can't think of anything else so deal with it. Each... what is today? Monday? Each Monday, I'll be providing my thoughts on a few of the major topics in the world of pro wrestling.

Why should you care about my thoughts on major topics in the world of pro wrestling? I dunno. I could site my decades-long wrestling fandom, or my slightly-less-lengthy-but-still-pretty impressive history as a writer. Also, I think I'm pretty funny, I dunno. You might? Who knows. That's why you should read, to see if I'm funny or not. And then you can be like "that guy's not funny" and write something mean about me on the Internet.

Seriously, though, to introduce myself, yes my name is Kevin Christopher Sullivan and yes, I know who I have the same name as*, thanks. That's why the middle name is in there. Not only am I the WWE Raw and SmackDown live coverage guy here at WNW, as well as a regular contributor to Sportskeeda Wrestling, but I have an active Twitter account that tens of people read every day.

With that malarky out of the way, let's get to why you're really here - to find and purchase a PlayStation 5. I mean, to read my fascinating opinions, obviously. 

Topic One: Daniel Bryan (or Bryan Danielson, I suppose)

Dan-iel Bry-AN *clap clap clapclapclap*

Dan-iel Bry-AN *clap clap clapclapclap*

I have a modest request. Can we quit with the "Did Daniel Bryan make the right move signing with AEW" discussions already? I mean, not really, you guys can talk about whatever the hell you want, I don't care. But, if there's anyone in the industry who is able to decide what he wants at this point in his career, you'd think it would be him. (Also, it hasn't even been confirmed yet, so... settle down, Beavis.)

Certainly, WWE made him an offer to stay - I have a theory that his inclusion in the WrestleMania main event was partially to entice him to do just that - and you know what? I bet it was a pretty good deal. This is a company that steadfastly refused to let him wrestle after his retirement, despite getting clearance from numerous doctors - only to reverse course once it seemed pretty clear he was going to leave if they didn't change their minds.  That's a good indication of how important he was to them.

However, the report at that first broke the (potential) news also noted that part of his (potential) AEW deal included the ability to work in Japan - and I bet that just had to be a no-go for WWE. I don't blame them, either. 

In the past, wrestling promotions in Japan may as well have been on another planet as far as WWE was concerned. Now, with New Japan Pro Wrestling not only gaining more and more non-Japanese fans each year but also forging a working relationship with their biggest competitor, WWE certainly wasn't going to budge on that.

If working in Japan is that important to Bryan that he's willing to pass up a guaranteed big pay from WWE, then let him sign the deal that lets him do that and leave the guy alone. 

And for all of you dorks saying "Oh, I never liked Daniel Bryan in the first place, he was always overrated" on Twitter? Well, let me just say... I get it.

Topic Two: Where I compare Daniel Bryan to Michael Jordan... sort of.

His Airness

His Airness

I was 13 and living in Naperville, IL (just outside of Chicago) when Michael Jordan won his first NBA Championship - and despite being a scrawny, unathletic dork who claimed to hate sports, I was pretty obsessed with the Chicago Bulls. Living in that area, it was hard not to get wrapped up in the excitement. Think back to a time when your local pro sports team won a major championship or at least went to the championship game (some of you in Detroit might need to ask your parents about this). It's kind of a great example of how sports can really pull an entire city together.

So, when Jordan suddenly announced two years later that he was retiring from basketball, I was shocked. Then I was sad. Then, as I continued down the stages of grief, I was angry. And so were my friends.

"You know what?" we would try to convince ourselves, "I'm glad Jordan is retiring! Yeah! He wasn't really that great, anyway! The Bulls are gonna win a ton more championships without him!"

Of course, when he came back a few years later, we quickly changed our tune.

But, that's what happens in situations like these. There's plenty of people who think of WWE like I did the Bulls. So, I get that the possibility of one of the company's biggest stars not being in the company (by choice this time), can trigger that kind of emotion. So, I get feeling that way while the news is fresh (it's not even ripe yet, if we want to keep on this metaphor.)

Unless you're an edgelord who says crap like this all the time. You know who you are.

Topic Three: C-M Punk! C-M Punk! C-M Punk!

C.M. Punk

C.M. Punk

Let's close this out with just a quick word on the other big news of the week: the (potential) return of CM Punk to the world of professional wrestling.

I hope it happens. I don't care if it's with WWE, AEW, ROH, or Tony Baloney's Wrestling Superstars and Catering in Oshkosh, WI (I wish that was a real thing). More CM Punk in that ring, on that microphone, even on commentary, is something I'd enjoy seeing very much, thank you. 

I have no doubt that if he does come back (and, remember, he's only been "in talks"), it'll be with a company like AEW. They may not be able to match the paycheck WWE can offer, but they can get close and they can offer a lot of those intangible things that WWE just won't budge on. Remember, Punk's been perfectly fine not being a professional wrestler all these years - so if he's coming back, it's for one of two reasons: he's got a serious itch to get back in the ring... or he needs money. And, unless Phil's developed a gambling addiction all of a sudden, I doubt that it's the latter.

So, that's it. If you have your own opinions on these particular subjects, we've got a comments section down below, so let's hear it. 


(*Not only was I surprised when I found out I had the same name as the one and only Taskmaster of the Dungeon of Doom, but that there are at least two other dudes with that name also in the wrestling business in some capacity (not to mention film directors and producers, government officials, lawyers, accountants and people who have recently died, according to my regular Google searches #NotANarccisist)

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