The Miz Reveals What Vince McMahon Said To Him After Winning WWE Title

The Miz spoke with about a number of things most notably what Vince McMahon said to him after he won the WWE Title:

"Vince [McMahon], kind of giving me the 'Okay, we're going with you, kid. We're doing it.' Vince always saw the talent, he was always my biggest supporter. When you come into WWE- it's like a fraternity, fans don't like you, because you're an outsider, you're from a reality show, you're not supposed to have talent. The locker room doesn't like you, you get thrown out of the locker room, and then going back and having Vince telling me 'We're going with you. I know you can do it,' solidifies everything. Everything I worked for. It was awesome."

It was also interesting to hear Miz comment on the infamous Talking Smack segment that earned him a ton of praise:

"There were a lot of emotions going on here. This wasn't just to Daniel; this was like, to everyone. I unleashed a lot because Creative had nothing for me that day, and I went, 'What?' They were like 'Yeah, you're not on the show tonight.' What do you mean I'm not on the show? I'm the Intercontinental Champion. They were like, 'Yeah, but we're introducing new titles, we're introducing the new Tag Team Titles and the new SmackDown Women's Title, and so, we don't have room for the Intercontinental Championship.' I was like 'Wait a second, you're introducing new titles, but what about the rich history of this title? The title that you guys just keep throwing back, and throwing back, and throwing back. Burying it, burying it, and burying it, and I'm sick [of it].' I was so aggravated, I was so sick of it. And I was like, 'Put me on Talking Smack tonight, I'm going to unleash havoc on everything and everyone.'"


  • Zack

    Miz deserves a big push in 2018. I’d like to see him with another WWE (or Universal) Title run

  • _JIM_

    I totally agree that Miz deserves another run with either the WWE Championship, or the Universal Championship. It’s been a LOOONG TIME since his WWE Championship run at the top. I’m not sure why he went from main eventing Wrestlemania one year. Only to slide all the way back down to the middle, and sometimes to even the bottom, of the card. That still doesn’t make any sense to me, and it happened years ago. Even though he’s been relegated to the mid card for the past few years. He’s easily been the most entertaining character on whichever show he’s on. He was by far the best on Smackdown when it first went live, and didn’t lose a single step when they moved him to Raw. Seeing him win the Royal Rumble, or a Money in the Bank briefcase, this year. Would totally make my day, and put him back at the top of the card where he belongs…

    • Zack

      The thing about Miz is that he is the new work horse guy. Whenever they want to put someone over, they put him with Miz. He is their media guy, whenever they have a show or movie they need a guy for, it’s Miz. They need Total Divas to get more over, put Miz and Maryse on it. He delivers in and out of the ring, and he deserves more than he gets.