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MLW has a new TV deal...we think. It's been heavily implied that MLW has signed a new deal, and it seems like it will be a new show. If the big announcement is that Fusion is airing on a new channel, then this whole list is kind of moot.(Well hello, so they announced it early and yep, MLW is coming to Vice. But, they didn't say for certain that it's Fusion? And I'm taking that as permission to keep speculating! The fun is out of this article a little, but I hope you still enjoy) But, Court Bauer is set to appear on MLW this week, and he's not the type of owner to pop up on every episode. That seems to imply that whatever he is announcing is a big deal. That got me thinking, what would I want out of a second MLW show? I've divided my pitches into two kinds: an in ring show, and a documentary show. There's a rumor that Discovery is interested in MLW, and that Discovery either wants Dark Side of the Ring or something similar, so I'm keeping that in mind.

Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground 2.0

This one is something I'm begging for. Azteca Underground has been building and building for months, and seems like it will 100% involve Dario Cueto. Azteca Underground's website mentions they are looking for a venue, and although it could be a one off cinematic match, I wouldn't be shocked to see it be the location of this new show. MLW has been working with AAA, just as Lucha Underground did, and rumors about a new Lucha Underground are circulating separate from the new MLW rumors. It all seems like a perfect storm, and this is the most likely. 


Dragon Gate USA(except they can't legally call it that)

So WWE owns the Dragon Gate USA library and presumably the name, but whatever they end up calling it MLW should do something with their Dragon Gate Partnership. MLW has not announced any details of what will come from this partnership, but a new Dragon Gate show from America would be awesome. It would give some lesser used but incredibly talented MLW guys like Zenshi and Gringo Loco while also letting Dragon Gate guys come over. This would be an incredibly interesting show especially given the current landscape of American Wrestling shows. More than anything though, it's another title that Lio Rush can pick up, and continue being the belt collector

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Blue Meanie's Extreme Hour

So this is the first time of two I'm going to be mentioning MLW Radio Network: a collection of podcasts run by MLW. One of them is Mind of the Meanie, hosted by ECW's own Blue Meanie. So give me an extreme wrestling show with Blue Meanie as the gm. This could be so fun! Just imagine Blue Meanie as the on screen authority figure! MLW has shown that they appreciate hardcore wrestling history, and a show dedicated to it would be amazing! Especially with MLW Underground airing occasionally on YouTube, having a modern hardcore show to compare to that vintage one would look really well for MLW. Finally, I just love hardcore/deathmatch belts and bet it would look great.

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Dutch Mantell's CARNIES

Like I said, Discovery Plus wants its own Dark Side of the Ring. If there's one complaint I have about Vice TV's incredible documentary show, it's that it primarily deals with the 1980's-today. I know there has to be a crap ton of stories about tragedy and intrigue from the 1970's and far earlier back to the turn of the century. I named this dream show CARNIES in reference to when wrestling accompanied carnivals, and the one word, all caps, title gives it that sense of prestige. Dutch Mantell has told many stories of his own in his book, including one about fighting a bear that I think would be a very unique episode.

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So despite being a fairly young company, MLW has a lot of multi generational wrestlers. For example, Brian Pillman Jr. And the Von Erichs. While yes, their relatives have been covered on Dark Side of the Ring, imagine a show hearing from these wrestlers about what being from these wrestling families means to them. Part sit-down interview, part documentary narrated by the legacy wrestlers, this could be a truly special way to look back on wrestlers of the past. I'm not sure how long it could run, but alternate it with CARNIES and you've got yourself a show!

So are any of these going to happen? Maybe? Probably something Lucha Underground or Dragon Gate related, but I wanted to truly show that wrestling shows can be anything, and express a desire to see more unique programming. What do you hope the new MLW show is? Hopefully we'll find out soon.

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