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Tonight MLW continued their draft. The last two weeks saw Alex Kane and Davey Richards confirmed for MLW, but this week had two more big announcements.


First up, Lee Moriarty. Considered one of the best independent wrestlers in North America, Lee is a huge get for MLW. I've written an Indie Talent Showcase on him, and his wars with the likes of Wheeler Yuta, Alex Shelley and more are legendary. This is a major get for MLW and you can expect some great matches between him and the likes of Jordan Oliver, Zenshi, and Myron Reed. 


The second announcement this week is Aramis from AAA. Specifically, he's joining Azteca Underground, something that I actually predicted a few weeks back. As I said in that article, Aramis is a great wrestler and has been huge in both Mexico and the USA recently thanks to some appearances in places like GCW. They even announced that he has signed a multi year deal for MLW, which is a fantastic decision for the company. 

Next Thursday we'll get even more announcements.

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