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Azteca Underground Unleashed: Or, All the Lucha Underground References on the Azteca Underground Twitter Page

When I started writing about wrestling I didn’t think I’d be relying on my ARG days. ARG stands for Alternate Reality Game, and is usually some kind of puzzle or scavenger hunt that blurs the lines between the game and the real world. This could include things like payphones ringing, websites existing for fictional companies, or even twitter pages that act like the game is real. Sure enough, my time playing The Black Watchmen has paid off this week with MLW. Now, I haven’t had to change brightness settings on an image or check the text file(I did look just in case), but the Azteca Underground twitter page is still full of easter eggs that make this is a much more interesting mystery than most wrestling angles. Today I want to look at everything on the twitter page, as well as references on TV that prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that Dario Cueto is coming to MLW.

She went looking for Mil Muertes but found someone even scarier. 

She went looking for Mil Muertes but found someone even scarier. 

I realize I jumped into the deep end there, so let’s go back to the beginning. Promociones Dorado is the brand of Selina De La Renta on MLW. Current members include the Los Parks stable and Mil Muertes. For months, Selina De La Renta had been off TV, but she returned via a series of promos that showed her looking for Mil Muertes. On the night Mil Muertes debuted on MLW and Los Parks won the tag team titles, it was announced that Promociones Dorado had been sold to a group known as Azteca Underground inc. So who is Azteca Underground? Well, the clues started with Mil Muertes himself. As I mentioned a few weeks back, MLW didn’t bring in Ricky Banderas, they brought in Mil Muertes. The Mil Muertes character and the backstory that MLW is referencing were creations from Lucha Underground. The fact that MLW is actively citing stories from Lucha Underground opens the floodgates for who could be behind Azteca Underground, and it immediately got me thinking. At first it was just a hunch, but now I can say with 98% certainty that Dario Cueto is the man behind Azteca Underground.*

*1% says it's Dario's father Antonio, 1% says it's Marty the Moth disguised as Dario Cueto

*1% says it's Dario's father Antonio, 1% says it's Marty the Moth disguised as Dario Cueto

So why does it have to be Dario? Well, the twitter page basically spells it out. So let’s go through the page, as some of the references are a little more obscure than others.

The first four posts are all the same style. They are photos of someone in MLW with a caption in Spanish. The first photo is of Los Parks with the tag team championships and the caption roughly translates to “The champions.” Nothing too interesting there, but the next three have a lot more to say.

 The photo of Selina De La Renta with the tag team championships says “The new maid.” Now, that is what Google Translate tells me, so there might be a better translation. This must refer to the fact that Selina is not the first manager, or keeper of sorts, of Mil Muertes. Catrina filled the role in Lucha Underground, who you may remember as Maxine in WWE. 

The third photo is of Mil Muertes holding a skull and the caption reads “A Necessary Evil.” This one is a lot more fascinating. Assuming that Azteca Underground is Dario Cueto, this is a wonderful insight into his mind. Dario tolerated Mil Muertes throughout most of Lucha Underground. Their relationship was very much “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” but now Dario owns him. Dario probably still doesn’t like Mil, he might even fear him, but now he controls him. This is a power Dario has wanted for years, and it’s finally his.

The last photo is the most confusing. It is a picture of Konnan with the caption “The Scheming Fool.” Dario never quite got along with Konnan, but seeing him target Konnan already is interesting. It also raises a question for the audience as we thought Konnan was dead. Is he still scheming? Is his scheming what got him killed? We haven’t seen Konnan for awhile so who knows when this one will pay off.

The next tweet is just an emoji of a key. This one would seem weird to anyone who hasn’t seen Lucha Underground, but it made me gasp. Dario was known for wearing a key around his neck. For the entire first season this was his most prized possession. The key was revealed to be for a jail cell containing his brother, Matanza Cueto. Matanza was a crazed murderer finally unleashed on the roster in season two. Today, Matanza is better known as Jeff Cobb, and that’s what has me excited. By showing the key are they hinting at Jeff Cobb joining MLW? Or does Dario have a new monster under lock and key?

The next tweet is just a short clip of a symbol with a sound clip over it. The sound clip sounds awfully similar to the Lucha Underground commercial noise. The symbol looks a lot like the Aztec medallions from the show. The Aztec medallions were seven items handed out by Dario Cueto to various match winners. Once all seven were given out the wrestlers holding them would compete for the Gift of the Gods Championship. The belt would physically hold the medallions and was basically a Money in the Bank like item.

The newest tweet as of this writing is a photo of a run down arena that says “Glorious violence is coming for my believers.” This tweet feels the most personal to me. Dario always called the fans of Lucha Underground “The Believers,” so it feels like an old friend speaking to me again. This tweet especially reminded me how much I missed Dario Cueto, and Lucha Underground itself. Keep a close eye on this twitter page, I know I will, and I hope to see more from Dario-I mean Azteca Underground, very soon. 

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