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Azteca Underground is about to take over. I'm sure I sound like a broken record at this point and I'm sure people are sick of me saying this, but Azteca Underground is about to take over MLW. Muertes is going after the Openweight Championship, the story has been building for months, and it's finally time to expand the army. So far Azteca Underground has four luchadores in its ranks: the three members of Los Parks, and Mil Muertes. And considering doors in MLW aren't so much forbidden as they are automatically sliding open when you approach them, there are plenty of wrestlers who could come in through MLW's amazing relationship with AAA. The main thing though, is I don't want it to be someone who's been on Fusion a lot. If they popped up at MLW vs AAA, sure that's fine, but we cannot allow the whole "put every Hispanic wrestler together regardless of their character and motivations" to continue in United States wrestling. Specifically, we can't put Laredo Kid In Azteca Underground. He doesn't belong there, and while it's one thing to have someone play a face in one company but a heel in another, to have someone switch sides just because the other luchadores are heels should be a thing of the past. That being said, I found five wrestlers from AAA who are energetic, exciting, and would all truly add something to Azteca Underground. They have differing amount of exposure in the United States wrestling scene, and I think that it's important to have people that the crowd may be very familiar with, and also ones that are new to them. Everyone knows LA Park, but are still getting to know his sons. So with all that being said, let's look at some great Lucha stars. 


I'll go ahead and spoil some of this list, this is the first of three Acid Cup 3 entrants on this list, and for good reason. While certainly not Arez's first USA show, I think a lot of new eyes are on Arez now. Arez was trained by freaking Blue Demon Jr. who is probably one of the best known luchadores to United States audiences(he's getting a Disney Channel show for crap's sake), and that gives them an easy way to hype up the arrival of Arez. Arez recently put on some great matches such as in the Acid Cup and a match with Daniel Garcia at Lucha Memes a couple months ago, which was the match that made realize how good he is. With over a decade of experience, no one would say Arez doesn't deserve it. Adding to that is the Dario factor that we will touch on throughout this article. We all know that Dario Cueto from Lucha Underground is the secret leader of Azteca Underground right? Like with every passing day it seems more and more clear. Blue Demon was in Lucha Underground, and that could be the jumping off point for Dario to contact Arez. 

Aramis(warning, flashing lights at the beginning of the video)

I'll admit, I wasn't familiar with Aramis until he was announced for Acid Cup, but he's put in some PWG shows, so I'm sure some indie fans already knew him, plus his appearance at Acid Cup and rSpring Break. He's been doing this since about 2010, and like Arez, deserves to be seen by more people. He doesn't really have that established Dario connection, but that can be good, as it's not something everyone is expecting. Aramis is quite good, and would fit beautifully with the Middleweight Division of MLW. Watch the above match with Bandido, and then tell me you aren't excited to see him fight Myron Reed. 


So this one is kind of guaranteed? A while back the Azteca Underground twitter page tweeted in Spanish basically thanking Aerostar for saving his life. This has to be a reference to Aerostar saving Dario Cueto's life in Lucha Underground as revealed in the finale. It would be weird for Azteca Underground to tweet a picture of him and then him not get involved in some way right? As mentioned, Aerostar was on Lucha Underground, and is probably best remembered for his series of matches with Drago. Because of that, lots of fans will already know him, and that name recognition can be important. It would also really add to the feeling of Azteca Underground being a new Lucha Underground. I would love to see it, but I think it's going to happen regardless of what I say. 

Dragon Bane 

The third of our Acid Cup wrestlers, it's actually that Acid Cup appearance that I think could help his MLW debut. It was Calvin Tankman who beat Dragon Bane in the second round of the tournament, and we could easily have Bane debut by attacking Tankman. Dragon Bane could very well be used as the link between Azteca Underground fighting Injustice, and that would be an important role. I'm a big fan of what I've seen out of Dragon Bane, and I think fans will absolutely love him. He's already proven he can hang with the big men, and MLW has tons of them. Just picture Dragon Bane taking on Fatu, Hammerstone, even Muertes if there's a split. I for one would love it, 

Eclipse Jr. 

I'll be honest, I have two main reasons for this. One: I love his mask. Two: he has no connection to MLW and has pretty much never been seen in the USA in a big match. Bringing in Luchadores to MLW that already has a big following here in the States is cool, but with this AAA partnership we can really showcase wrestlers who have just never been seen here. Yes, you can go watch AAA wrestling, but some people want English commentary, at least when first seeing a wrestler, and letting wrestlers like Eclipse Jr, just get seen, could go a long way. I feel like a broken record, but Eclipse Jr. is another wrestler with over a decade of experience. He could be brought in to MLW as just another import appearance, with Azteca Underground coming out after the match to offer him a contract. There are so many ways that we can handle these storylines, and I think that's the big takeaway of this article. Azteca Underground has so much potential, and it will all come down to what MLW does with it!

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