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It's finally time. MLW presents Never say Never, and although they haven't hyped it up as such, it's Contra vs Injustice all night. With Calvin Tankman aligning himself with Injustice the entire show has become focused on these two warring factions. I truly believe this show could be a turning point for MLW and there are many directions they could take this card. Before getting into predictions though, I just want to reiterate how bold MLW is being with this show. Making an entire card about one feud is very risky. MLW is chancing that people care about the Injustice vs Contra feud enough that they will tune in for a show just about it. Of course, anytime Fatu is defending his belt is a bit of a special attraction, but it really shows the faith that MLW has in these groups that they're promoting a show without Azteca Underground, Team Filthy, Dynasty, Laredo Kid, ACH or anyone else. I think that all six men competing on this card deserve that honor, and since literally all focus is being put on this feud, I think something big is going to happen.

So the card consists of Myron Reed vs Daivari, Jordan Oliver vs Simon Gotch, and the main event of Calvin Tankman vs Jacob Fatu. In addition to the actual show, it's important to look at MLW's upcoming schedule. There is no Fusion next week as MLW will air a vintage episode of MLW Underground. When we do come back on April 14th, Mil Muertes will be challenging Hammerstone for the Openweight Title. Hammerstone is the first Openweight Champion, so if he lost the belt it would be a huge deal, and Muertes is undefeated and seems like he will stay that way. Odds are that at this show the owner of Azteca Underground will finally be revealed. So if Contra is going to be deescalated before the rise of Dario Cueto, it's now or never.

myron vs daivari

I don't think Contra should lose in a clean sweep, but probably should lose two of the three matches. Let's start with Reed vs Daivari. Daivari debuted for MLW by attacking Reed, hence the reason for this match. Reed really wants this win, but I think losing here would be  better in the long run. Reed recently lost his Middleweight title to a debuting Lio Rush, and having him continue a losing streak to question what he's doing wrong would be a great direction for the character. I think Reed should put up a big fight, but ultimately this match has the lowest stakes of the three, so let's put it on Daivari. He is still the newest member of Contra, and a strong win here could be really good for his new MLW career. He needs to be truly defined as not another former WWE guy, and a win here could go a long way in that direction.

won't be the first time, won't be the last time

won't be the first time, won't be the last time

Next up we have Simon Gotch vs Jordan Oliver in what could possibly be the best match of the night. Both of these two are excellent in the ring, and I expect this to not be the last time they face off. Gotch has become Oliver's main foe in Contra, despite recently facing Fatu for the belt, and I think that Oliver winning here could set up a future match with Gotch with a strong stipulation, I Respect You Match perhaps? Oliver has already lost to Gotch once, and with how bright Oliver's future is, I don't think they should have him lose to him again this soon. Oliver is going places, but he has to get through Gotch first to get there. Oliver will hold gold in MLW, not yet but soon. If he can't win his first big singles feud however, that may not happen. I love Gotch, but he needs to lose here.

jacob fatu vs calvin tankman

That takes us to the main event, and if you've kept count then you already know that I think Tankman should win here. I'm fairly certain that April 14th will begin the era of Azteca Underground, but if Contra still has the World Championship that can't happen. Regardless of if Tankman stays with Injustice longterm, having the belt on him would not impede Azteca Underground, because Tankman is a babyface. I absolutely love Tankman, and would give anything to see him hold an important title for longer than five minutes(looking at you Black Label Pro) and I think the time is right. It would be a great win for Tankman, but it would also open up a power vacuum for a new top heel team. MLW is known for having very slow burn booking on its storylines, and I think the time has finally come for Azteca Underground to step into the light, but the belt has to be off Contra first. Rumors have said that Hammerstone will fight Fatu title vs title, but I'm pretty sure that Muertes will win Hammerstone's belt, so there's no reason to also keep the belt on Fatu.

So overall, I think Daivari will be the sole winner for Contra, while Oliver and Tankman will pick up big wins. I could be wrong, but I feel this is where MLW is heading. So do you think we'll still be in the age of Contra after this show? Let me know down below.

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