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With Jordan Oliver set to take on Jacob Fatu there is no way March 3rd is the end of Injustice's feud with Contra. Although one could argue all of MLW has been feuding with Contra, it's injustice that's been the biggest thorn in their side in 2021. What makes the Injustive versus Contra feud so impressive is that they aren't trying to outmuscle Contra: they're trying to outsmart them. Whereas other recent challengers like Davey Boy Smith Jr. or Alexander Hammerstone have simply tried to punch every member of Contra as hard as they can, Injustice has been sneaky. For example, keeping the Sentai Death Squad outfits to sneak attack Contra in disguise. That right there is peak video game moves! As much as I love Reed and Oliver getting one over on Contra again and again, there is one unavoidable fact: they're outnumbered, by a lot. We have Jacob Fatu, Josef Samael, Daivari, Mads Krugger, Simon Gotch, rumor has it Ikuro Kwan is coming back at some point, not to mention the legions of masked goons called the Sentai Death Squad. Injustice on the other hand has Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver. With guys like Kotto Brazil and Rich Swann gone, Injustice has become an army of two, and I don’t think that’s going to be enough to fend off all of Contra. Whether they have a temporary alliance or become full members, Injustice needs back up, and I’ve assembled the top candidates to join them.


#5: ACH

 One obvious route to go when it comes to expanding Injustice is to grab other people who have a bone to pick with Contra, and while that could describe all of MLW, I’ve chosen a couple of people who have fairly recent issues. ACH lost in a title match against Jacob Fatu and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind taking on Contra again. ACH recently beat Brian Pillman Jr. showing that he isn’t letting that loss throw him off his gain, and I think he would fit in well with the Injustice pair. I would actually love to see him taking on a sort of mentor role as he has the most experience, and could really help propel the two into the next level. This also has long term potential after they beat Contra, as Reed has a history of pushing back against more established veterans, like his old trainer AR Fox. ACH could help them take down Contra, and while Oliver becomes World Heavyweight Champion, Reed could feud with ACH as they begin to splinter. After losing to Rush, Reed could use a win against a well known name like ACH.

bu ku dao

#4: Bu Ku Dao

 Going in a completely different direction, Injustice could add to their ranks someone who has been cast off. TJP has treated Bu Ku Dao like dirt, and they seem to be splitting up. Having him join Oliver and Reed who could back him up against TJP to win their inevitable match could cement him as a great third member of Injustice. What shocked me is that Bu Ku Dao has been wrestling since 2012. MLW acts like he’s super new to wrestling, but he would be the longest wrestling member of Injustice. Bu Ku Dao doesn’t really have a direction after his TJP storyline finishes, so he could easily be a permanent member of the group. I do think that having at least three members would really strengthen Injustice as a group like they used to be. Dao has a wonderful style in the ring that would meld well with Reed possibly as a tag team. If we go the Oliver route for World Champion then having Reed and Dao as a tag team could make Injustice a force to be reckoned with across all of MLW. After Contra they could head after Promociones Dorado for the Tag Titles. It seems like Azteca Underground is the next big storyline after Contra dies down, and having a tag team would keep Injustice involved in the top story of MLW.


#3: Zenshi

I've written before about how Zenshi needs a win, and if he were to join with one of the most popular groups in MLW right now then I'm sure he would get that. He seems like he would be fine getting up to mischief, and he would work well with Reed and Oliver. It's not super common for a masked face to be in a stable unless everyone is masked ie: Lucha House Party. There are exceptions of course, but unfortunately masked wrestlers are often seen as a side attraction or their own group. Putting Zenshi with Reed and Oliver would make for an interesting group, and one I would certainly want to see every week. His high flying style would gel well with either Reed or Oliver as a tag team, and now that the door is broken down they could easily fight for the AAA trios belts together. I was hesitant to include Zenshi because it seems too much like dream booking to put him in my favorite group, but it just seems right. Zenshi belongs in Injustice, plain and simple.


#2: Calvin Tankman

 Not a lot of story going on here but it makes perfect sense. Tankman is scary. Fatu is scary. Throw Tankman at Fatu and see what happens. Last week I wrote about how Tankman would be a good choice to beat Fatu for the MLW World Championship, but if MLW wants to give him more screentime first, then pairing him with Injustice would be great. This keeps the young upstart feel of Injustice while also strengthening the group. Tankman can also move like a man half his size, so the tag moves he could pull off with Oliver or Reed would be must see TV. Tankman so far is just kind of directionless in MLW. Beating the crap out of everyone works for a time, but eventually we will want story from him, and MLW has really focused on factions. Having a faction or at least a tag team is a big way to stay relevant, and of all the groups in MLW, Injustice would be a perfect fit for Tankman.

von erichs

#1: The Von Erichs

 The Von Erichs would be joining for only a time, as I can’t imagine these four coexisting for long. That being said, the Von Erichs have a reason to feel like Injustice has been done to them. They got absolutely screwed over, not by Contra, but by Promociones Dorado, which as I’ve said, I believe will be a huge force soon in MLW. By joining Injustice to take on all heels in MLW, they could become the dominant babyfaces of the company. This route would also give Injustice a total of four members, and considering we’re overdue for a War Chamber match, either Injustice versus Contra or Injustice versus Promociones Dorado without having to grab random other faces would be quite compelling. As much as the Von Erichs are babyfaces though, they can be rather arrogant in a way that would clash with Reed and Oliver. Although all four men are quite young, the Von Erichs still represent that old school style being legacy talent. Like Tankman, the Von Erichs seem a little aimless now without the Tag Team Championships, and putting them with one of the hottest groups in Injustice would go a long way in kickstarting a new wave of momentum for them. After the big 44 match, the eventual breakdown resulting in Reed and Oliver vs the Von Erichs will be big money, and possibly the best tag team match in MLW in recent years.

Is there anyone else who should join Injustice? Or should they really stay as just a pair? Let me know and keep an eye on MLW Fusion to see what will happen next.

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