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Court Bauer on Busted Open

Court Bauer was on Busted Open this morning to discuss MLW's Restart which is tonight at 7p ET.  Bauer also discussed about loyalty and taking chances on people.  Court said that the WWE had their chances to get such talent, such as Jacob Fatu, but they did not for one reason or another.  

Court referred to playing Moneyball in the talents he brings he. He takes pride in searching and finding those talents that are overlooked & gives them a chance. 

MLW' Restart is tonight at 7p ET.  Here is where you can see it:


Young Bucks Book is OUT NOW!

As we mentioned in an article earlier in the week, today is the day that the Young Bucks' book is OUT.  You can order that book HERE!


Thank You Rascalz

Last night was the final match for The Rascalz on IMPACT Wrestling.  For an in depth analysis of IMPACT Wrestling last night & the final match for The Rascalz, click HERE.

Hammerstone almost quit

Alexander Hammerstone sat down and spoke to Chris Van Vliet on his show earlier this week.  If you have not gotten a chance to check that out, click HERE for a more.

But one of the more interesting stories that Hammerstone told, was that he almost quit wrestling after one of his tryouts with the WWE.

"It ended up being like 'Hey, well I think we want to bring you in. We're going to start the hiring process'. And I remember, I was on the toilet at work when I read that email and I had to read it four times over and then I started crying because I was like 'Holy crap! Dream come true! It's happening.' And then I literally burst out of the bathroom and knocked on my boss's office. It was just like an involuntary reaction, I was like 'Jeff, read this!' and he was like 'Oh my God!' and he legitimately called a staff meeting to tell everybody what had just happened and everyone congratulated me. This was probably the end of November, 2017. The conversation with WWE was basically like be ready to move out to Florida by May or maybe June. So I start getting all of my duck in a row to move and we're going through a couple of steps like sending in all of my paperwork and doing my background check. The next step is my whole medical test and it's not happening, it's not happening, it's not happening. And then I start pestering them to see what's going on. Then in April, and keep in mind in my head I'm moving there in May, so in April they say 'Sorry to inform you but we're just way too full right now, we hired too many people this year and we can't bring you in'. And it doesn't say like 'Give us three months' or 'Give us this' it just says 'We can't bring you in'. And that was it. And I was like what? And for the next couple of months someone every once in a while would be like 'Hey, when are you going to Florida?' and I'd have to explain the whole thing to them. I had to explain this so many times and every time it was like a punch in the gut, you know? So it was rough, man. It was a rough time and literally that experience almost made me quit wrestling. I was very close."-Hammerstone

Lucky for us, the fans, Hammerstone did not quit & Court Bauer at MLW gave him a chance.  Now, Hammerstone is the MLW Openweight Champion & doing great things in MLW.  He will also be back tonight on MLW's Restart.

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