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MLW is in one of the most interesting positions in wrestling right now, right? I understand that all eyes are on the NJPW, Impact, AEW connections right now, but MLW has been knocking down their own forbidden doors, and at this point I feel like they have enough doors to make it a hallway. We have three companies around the world that we know for a fact that MLW is working with, rumors are still swirling about a reboot of a popular show being connected to MLW, and just last week the oddest rumor of all began to pop up that would change wrestling. So today we're going to look at all five doors in the hallway, and take a look at the surprising empire MLW has been building.



AAA and MLW have been working together for a while now, since before anyone had heard the phrase Forbidden Door. Back in early 2020 they did a big show together where every match was MLW vs AAA. Since then, MLW has had AAA wrestlers specifically Laredo Kidd show up on MLW Fusion including defending, and then losing, the AAA Cruiserweight Championship. Based on that fact, it seems that AAA is happy to work with MLW, despite their top champion being, you know, Kenny Omega. Hopefully we will see another show together soon, but at least the occasional AAA star popping up helps build both brands. 


Dragon Gate

I know you are all tired of hearing me talk about the Dragon Gate partnership, but I can't get over just how big a deal this is. Despite WWE owning the Dragon Gate USA catalogue they decided to partner with MLW for their new American content. We don't know much about what MLW and Dragon Gate will be doing, but they've been hyping it up for a while now, and the plan was in the works just before the pandemic. Dragon Gate is an incredibly interesting company, so this partnership could lead to some very interesting shows and matches.

rev pro

RevPro UK

So this one's weird. We know that there is a connection now between MLW and RevPro, but they haven't been officially announced as a partner? Last week, MLW talked more about their champion commission: a group of people in charge of bringing great title matches to MLW. For some reason, in that list, was the head of Rev Pro, and he was addressed as such. This is the first time Rev Pro has been mentioned on MLW TV, and it was kind of glossed over. The current champ is Will Ospreay: could we actually be seeing him in MLW of all places?  We know so little about this connection, but they felt ready to mention it on Fusion, so something must be in the works.

Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground

Again, a topic I'm sure people are tired of me screaming about, but the MLW Lucha Underground discussion has been crazy lately. Ever since the formation of Azteca Underground, people have been speculating that it is connected to Lucha Underground: especially given Mil Muertes's involvement. We thought at first it might just be Dario Cueto showing up in MLW, but with every passing day, rumors of a full Lucha Underground reboot get louder and louder, and MLW will probably play a role in that. With tonight(May 5th) being the season finale of Fusion, I wouldn't be shocked if a major revelation involving Azteca Underground happens. Hopefully soon, we'll know for certain if Lucha Underground is back, and if so, what MLW's role in all of it will be.



Well, I never thought I'd be writing this. Over the weekend rumblings started at WWE is planning on having underused NXT talent work in MLW. I want to believe this, but I just don't know. I mean, WWE has announced already we're getting NXT Evolve, so why would they need to do this? Rev Pro is a big rival of NXT UK, do they really want their NXT talent mixing it up with the enemy? It just seems too unlike WWE to be true, but they've made crazier decisions. If it's true though, then holy crap. More than any other forbidden door that's been knocked down lately, this would be the one to make history. It's a lot to process, but if it happens, then major props have to be given to MLW.

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