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In the 3rd installment of MLW's Anthology, we take a look at Low Ki.  Low Ki, the lone wolf of Brooklyn, is a former heavyweight champion & a cornerstone of MLW.

Low Ki is the definition of a HYBRID wrestler.  He must be tough and intense to survive in a world of giants.  A true professional

Low Ki vs Homicide (Student vs Teacher) | MLW RELOADED Jan. 2004

This is Low Ki's debut.  Ding, ding ding.  The two feel each other out early on, with neither wrestler getting the upper hand.  This is a match of hybrid, strong-style wrestling.  Both men showing their agility, strength & technical ability.  Low Ki locks on a submission, using the ropes to his advantage, but then releases it.  

Big shoulder tackle from Homicide, followed up by dueling arm drags by both wrestlers.  Both wrestlers reset themselves.  Low Ki looks focused.  Some stiff kicks from Low Ki.  Homicide battles back with some chops & fists to the face.  Low Ki with a high cross body, followed up by a drop kick.  Homicide tosses Low Ki over the top & goes for a suicide dive, but Low Ki catches him with a kick to the face. 

Low Ki with the upper hand now.  Drop kick to the back of the head of Homicide.  In the corner, Low Ki lays the chops in on Homicide.  Double-under hook suplex into a bridge, but only a 2 count.  Low Ki is being very methodical.  More chops from Low Ki, but this infuriates Homicide & he starts fighting back with his own chops.  Handspring kick into the corner from Low Ki.  Low Ki continues to bring the strong-style kicks to Homicide.  Homicide caught another kick & wrenched Low Ki's leg over the top rope.  A heel kick from Homicide takes Low Ki over the top to the outside.  Homicide lands suicide plancha.  

Homocide shares a drink with the fans in the front row.  Low Ki is tossed back in the ring.  Standing suplex from Homicide for a 2 count.  Homicide slowing down the pace & wearing down Low Ki.  Belly to belly overhead suplex from Homicide.  Hurricanrana off the top from Homicide spikes Low Ki into the mat for a 2 count.  Homicide heads to the top rope, but misses the diving headbutt.  Low Ki battles back now with some strong style chops into the chest of Homicide.  Low Ki sizes Homicide up for the crush combo, but Homicide moves.  Homicide foes for the cop killla, but Low Ki reverses it and lands a kick to the back of the head of Homicide.

Low Ki with a german suplex.  Both men look exhausted.  Homicide with a dragon-screw leg whip after catching Low Ki's leg.  Homicide with another dragon-screw leg whip & locks in a STF.  Homicide releases the hold.  Homcide goes to scoop Low Ki, but he reverses it into a dragon sleeper, but Homicide gets his leg on the bottom rope.  Low Ki with the black magic to the back of the head of Homicide for the 2 count.  Lariat from Homicide.  Low Ki seems to be favoring his leg & has been most of the match.

Homicide goes for the cop killer again, but Low Ki gets out of it & attempts the dragon sleeper.  The two battle for position & Homicide sneaks in a pin & gets the 3 count.

Winner by pinfall, Homicide

After the match, we see Jerry Lynn enter the ring and attack Homicide, but Low Ki saves him.  Now we see Gary Hart barking orders at Low Ki & Homicide to attack Jerry Lynn.  Low Ki attacks a fan in the crowd & all hell breaks out.  It is absolute chaos.    Gary Hart is the mastermind behind Homicide & Low Ki.  Court Bauer comes out & Homicide levels him & spits on him.  Court Bauer grabs the mic, but Homicide levels him with a broomstick.  

-MLW Radio Network Promo
-video package for the upcoming Anthology for Satoshi Kojima
-video package of the buildup between Shane Strickland & The Professional, Low Ki.

Low Ki vs. Shane Strickland for the MLW Heavyweight Championsip

Crowd seems to be behind Strickland, Low Ki has his fair share of fans.  Low Ki slaps Strickland, who retaliates with some fists to the face.  Low Ki with a kick to the jaw.  Strickland uses his speed and locks in a submission.  Strickland & Low Ki exchange some viscous chops and right hands.  Low Ki gets the upper hand and takes the attack to Shane in the corner.  Low Ki is being assaulted in the corner.  Chops & kicks with force and precision.  

Shane struggles to get up & Low Ki meets him with a couple more kicks to the chest.  Low Ki locks in a dragon sleeper in the ropes.  Springboard kick to the head from Low Ki.  Low Ki is in full control.  Swerve battles back with some fists of his own.  In the corner Shane unloads some chops into the chest of Low Ki.  Strickland goes for a move, but Low Ki rolls through & hits a double stomp to the chest of Strickland for a 2 count.

Strickland dumps Low Ki to the outside.  Kick to the face from Shane.  Swerve lands a hand stand to a head scissors takeover.  Strickland rips the shirt off of Low Ki & starts laying in rights.  Strickland plants Low Ki with half nelson suplex for a 2 count.  Very physical match.  Shane goes for a powerbomb, but Low Ki blocks it for a minute & then lands on his head.  Shane catapults Low Ki into the corner, but Low Ki lands on top rope and comes right back with a double foot stomp to Shane.  

Shane stops the fisherman driver & kicks Low Ki in the shins, but Shane looks like he hurt is knee.  Low Ki block the first rolling cutter, but Swerve perseveres and lands the second one for a 2 count.  Shane goes up top, but is having trouble because of his knee.  Swerve misses and you can see his knee is hurting him.  Low Ki levels Shane from behind.  Low Ki with a switchblade kick to the side of the head of Shane for the 1-2-3 and NEW MLW World Champion.

Winner by pinfall, Low Ki.

-reminder, next week Satoshi Kojima's Anthology.
-video package of Gary Hart, Homicide & Gary Hart planning MLW domination.  Gary Hart doing what Gary Hart does best, motivates wrestlers.
-Anthology ends with the newest MLW | Pulp Fusion.


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