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This week's MLW Anthology focuses around the amazing tag team, the Lucha Bros.  These two sibiling, Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix, showed cero miedo every time they entered an MLW ring.  Enjoy this amazing anthology.


We kick things off with a highlight package of some of the Lucha Bros matches.  

Pentagon Jr. vs. Rey Fenix | January 2018, Orlando, Fl. 

In the first every episode of MLW Fusion, we get a main even match between the two luchador brothers.  Pentagon Jr., refuses to shake hands & tells his brother that he has "Cero Miedo".  The two go back with quick counters and quick covers.

Fenix & Pentagon Jr. exchange big kicks to the face.  Both men finally taking each other out with a double super kick to the face.  Crowd is HYPED! 

Fenix with a big elbow, followed up by an extremely innovated springboard arm drag to the outside.  Fenix slides under the bottom rope, but is met by a slap to the chest from his brother.  Pentagon Jr., goes for a suicide dive, but Fenix sneaks in ring causing his brother to duck out, so Fenix lands a suicide dive to the outside & connects.  Both men are laid out, outside of the ring.

Fenix gets to his feet first & gives his brother a stiff kick to the back of the head.  He follows that up by slamming his head into the ring post.  Fenix is in control now.  Fenix goes to land a move, but Pentagon Jr., was one step ahead and dropped kicked him in the back.  Pentagon Jr., sweeps the legs from Fenix.  Both men head to the outside.  Pentagon levels his brother with a slap to the chest.

Pentagon Slap Fenix

Crowd wants more.  Crowd gets more.  Pentagon Jr., asks the crowd if they want another slap.  But, Pentagon Jr., went to the well one too many times & slams his hand on the post.  Fenix also misses and hits his hand on the post.  Rey Fenix with a head scissors takeover right into the crowd.  Fenix charges his brother, but his met with a super kick.  Back in the ring now.

Fenix fights back with a kick to the face & then a spring board missile dropkick for a 2 count.  Both brothers look exhausted.  Pentagon Jr., with double knees to the back for a 2 count.  Slinglade, times 2, from Pentagon Jr., for 2.  Penta with a super kick.  Fenix with some kicks takes down Pentagon for another 2 count.  These brothers are pushing themselves to the limit.  Fenix heads to the top rope, but his met with a kick to the side of the head.  Pentagon Jr., heads to the top himself, but Fenix hops up there too and plants his brother with a Spanish fly. 

Power bomb back breaker from Pentagon Jr., which he follows up with a Canadian destroyer from the second turnbuckle for another 2 count.   A "THIS IS AWESOME!" chant.  Both men make it to their feet & exchange blows & combinations of blows.  Pentagon ends the flury with a pop-up power bomb, which he follows up with a submission, but Fenix escapes before his arm is broken.  Pentagon Jr., then lands the Pentagon driver for the 1-2-3. 

Winner by pinfall, Pentagon Jr.

The follow this match up with a highlight package of the remaining 1 v. 1 mathches between the two brothers and mention how neither would capture singles gold, their gold would come in the form of the tag division, when Fenix signed with Selina de la Renta. 

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The Dirty Blondes v. Jason Cade & Jimmy Yuta v. Lucha Bros. | MLW Tag Team Championship

This championship match is a elimination match & tornado rules.  Ding, ding, ding.  Things kick off with a bang, as Fenix super kicks Yuta when he tries to stop Pentagon Jr., from doing this "Ciero Miedo" sign.  It is fast & furious with all members of the teams making their presence felt.  Early on, the Dirty Blondes are in control over TBD.  The Lucha Bros. enter and exchange some chops with the Dirty Blondes.  Cade & Yuta get in the mix now & the Lucha Bros. duck to the outside.

Huge back body drops by the Dirty Blondes on TBD.  Lucha Bros. back in the ring and are met with chops from the Dirty Blondes.  Double super kicks by the Lucha Bros.  Now TBD tries to come off the top rope, but they are greeted with dual super kicks.  As the Lucha Bros go for a double suicide dive, the Dirty Blondes pull them to the outside.  But Cade & Yuta go flying over the top and land on all 4 of their opponents.  

Now all 6 men are fighting on the outside.  Patrick of the Dirty Blondes hits a senton from the apron.  Back in the ring, the Dirty Blondes double team Cade & get a 2 count.   Double clothesline on the Lucha Bros.  Big suplexes from Leo of the Dirty Blondes.  Dirty Blondes are in complete control.  Flying knee from Cade off the top & TBD using their speed and double team skill to get the upper hand on The Dirty Blondes. 

Cade & Yuta land an elbow and big splash on Dirty Blondes & get the 1-2-3.  The Dirty Blondes are eliminated.  The Lucha Bros are back in the ring.  Fenix & Pentagon Jr. take turns slapping Cade & Yuta.  Forearms, clotheslines, super kicks & The Lucha Bros are in control.  Great double teams moves from the brothers.  Cade & Yuta fight back with their own chops, but Cade is stopped in his tracks with double super kicks.  Lucha Bros catch Yuta on the top & super kick Cade into the corner.  Fenix catapults his brother into the corner, taking out both Yuta & Cade.  

TBD fight back.  Yuta with a power bomb on Pentagon Jr., but Fenix breaks up the count.  Fenix tosses Cade into the corner.  TBD hit a double drop kick from the top on Fenix.  Pentagon Jr. is on the outside.  TBD gets another double team move and a 2 count.  Cade is showboating & Pentagon Jr. does not appreciate that. 

Cade & Pentagon Jr. exchange chops and kicks.  Cade mocks Pentagon Jr., but catches a super kick and a sling blade.  Cade with a knee, but Pentagon Jr. breaks up his back spring code breaker with a drop kick to the back.  Yuta & Pentagon Jr. in the ring now.  Yuta lands a Samoan driver & goes for the cover, but Fenix breaks it up with a drop kick from the top rope.

Fenix & Yuta go at it now in the ring.  Head scissors take over by Fenux, which he follows up with shoulder breaker for a cover, but Cade breaks it up.  Cade continues to mock the Lucha Bros.  Fenix lets Cade have it with a plethora of kicks.  Cade fights back with a kick & lands a spring board code breaker on Fenix, but Penta breaks it up.  

Pentagon Jr. is knocked to the outside & Cade lands a suicide dive.  Now, Yuta goes for a suicide drive, but Fenix interrupts it with a perfectly timed drop kick.  Cade & Yuta land the elbow drop/frog splah combination on Fenix, the same one that beat the Dirty Blondes.  TBD only gets a 2 count, as Fenix kicks out.  

Cade misses FEnix & levels Yuta with a right hand.  Penta lands the Pentagon Driver on Cade, but only gets a 2 count.  Fenix with a kick to Yuta & the Lucha Bros land their double under hook, foot stomp driver for the 1-2-3.

Lucha Bros Celebtrate

Winner by pinfall, The Lucha Bros.

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