Installment 4 of MLW's Anthology Series focuses on; Satoshi Kojima.  Kojima was the first World Heavyweight Champion of MLW.  The following package will chronicle the journey from Japan to MLW, showcase some of his best matches & define what it means to be MLW.

-opens with video package of Kojima's highlights from his career & talks about his program with Jerry Lynn.

World Heavyweight Title Fight: Satoshi Kojima vs. Jerry Lynn
September 2002; Manhattan Center, NYC

This is Kojima's debut in NYC.  Kojima & Lynn exchange a combination of technical moves to start us off, with never man getting the advantage.  Another fury of moves & reversals from both me.  So far, both men really feeling each other out.  Snapmare by Kojima & a chin lock.  Drop toe hold followed up by a STF by Kojima.  Lynn gets to the rope.

Kojima now is in control & laying into Lynn with some strong style kicks.  Kojima gets Lynn in the corner and unloads a plethora of knife edge chops.  Lynn reverses an irish whip & unloads some chops and kicks of his own.  Kojima fights back with an eye rake.  Kojima has been refusing to break cleaning.  

Side slam for a two count for Kojima.  Satoshi, once again, has Lynn in the corner & shows off some strong style kicks and chops.  Suplex by Kojima.  Kojima heads to the second turnbuckle, but misses the elbow drop.  Lynn fights back with some overhand rights.  Lynn with 3 running clotheslines & an inverted DDT for a 2 count.  Kojima reverses an Irish ship and clotheslines Lynn, followed up by a forearm.  Kojima with an elbow from the top for a 2 count.

German suplex from Lynn for a 2 count.  Lynn keeps fighting and lands a tornado ddt for another 2 count.  Both men look exhausted.  Lynn goes for suplex, but Kojima blocks it.  Spine buster from Kojima for a 2 count.  Lynn with a fireman's carry into a samoan drop for a 2 count.

Lynn goes for craddle piledriver but Kojima escapes and spikes Lynn with what looks like a tiger driver.  "TWO!" says the official.  Kojima gets up first, sizes up Lynn & levels him with the lariat for the 1-2-3  

Winner & MLW Champion; Satoshi Kojima


-video package about next week's Anthology: LUCHA BROTHERS

Satoshi Kojima vs Vampiro | December 2002, Fl.

We join this match already in progess.  Vampiro pulls Kojima up by the hair & tosses him to the outside.  Irish whip into the steel guard rail by Vampiro.  Kojima fights back and suplexes Vampiro on the concrete.  Kojima takes the fight to Vampiro all over the venue.  Satoshi levels Vampiro with a chair.  Vampiro battles back & tosses Kojima up onto a stage.  

Vampiro heads to the top of a scaffold & levels him with a flying clothesline.  

-The video now cuts to later in the match.

Vampiro misses an aerial attack on Kojima.  Both men are down.  Kojima gets to his feet first.  Satoshi power bombs Vampiro for a 2 count.  Again with a cutter, but only a 2 count.  Kojima in control now & drop kicks Vampiro's knee two times.  Now, Kojima is attacking the leg.  Kojima kicks out of a small package.  Enziguri by Vampiro.  Drop toe hold by Kojima, into an STF.  Vampiro gets to the rope.

Another cutter by Kojima.  Off comes the elbow, followed by a lariat for the 1-2-3.

Winner by pinfall, Satoshi Kojima

Johnny Smith vs Satoshi Kojima World Heavyweight Title March 2003, Tokyo, Japan

Ding, ding, ding.  Both men feel each other out, trying to get the upper hand.  (we cut from the match & when we return, Joey Styles says "both men have taken a beaten")

Kojima slams Smith into turnbuckle & unloads chops to the chest of Smith.  Kojima follows that up with a fore arm to the face and an elbow off the top.  Satoshi only gets a 2 count.  Kojima is in control now.

Big lariat from Johnny Smith for a 2 count.  Smith goes for another lariat, but Kojima counters it into a Koji-cutter.  Smith fights back with a death valley driver.  Kojima is in trouble.

Smith with a sit out powerbomb for a 2 count.  What does Smith have to do to beat Kojima?  Back to their feet.  Smith with a German suplex with bridge for a 2 count.  Satoshi fights back with elbows and a clothesline for a 2 count of his own. 

 Smith with British Falls (inverted ddt) for a 2 count.  WOW!  That was Smith's favorite finisher.  Smith goes for it again, but Kojima counters it into a Nothern Lights suplex.

Elbow pad comes off & here comes the lariat, but Smith counters it with a backslide and a 2 count.  Smith goes for a clothes line of his own, but Satoshi blocks it and this times lands the lariat.  1-2-3 !

KOJIMA win 2

Winner; by pinfall & still champion, Satoshi Kojima

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