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If you are new to watching MLW it can be hard to keep up with all the moving parts. With only one hour of TV a week, some people are off air for weeks at a time, so keeping track of allegiances can be difficult. The MLW faction roundup is here for you! This is all the current factions and groups as well as what they have been up to as of the March 10th episode of Fusion.



Jacob Fatu, Joseph Samael, Daivari, Simon Gotch, Mads Krugger, Ikuro Kwon, Sentai Death Squad.

Easily the best known group at this point. Fatu still is world champion as of this writing and has held the belt for quite some time. Gotch, Daivari and Mads Krugger have all been active on MLW Fusion lately putting in great performances against the likes of Los Parks and Alexander Hammerstone. Joseph Samael has not been seen in the ring in quite some time and has primarily been doing promos for Contra broadcast from their headquarters. If you're new to MLW you probably have no idea who Ikuro Kwon is, as he has been out with injury for months. Rumor has it he will be back soon, and he is still listed as part of Contra on MLW's website. The Sentai Death Squad are the masked legions of goons that surround Contra, and it seems like they are infinite in number. Contra has been dominating MLW for some time and in storyline they are the reason why MLW took a long hiatus(spoiler alert it was actually covid.) It seems Contra's time as top dog might be drawing to a close as Azteca Underground is taking more storyline prominence. I highly doubt the group would actually disband, but they may no longer be the omnipresent force that they are as of now.

azteca underground

Azteca Underground/Promociones Dorado

Mil Muertes, Hijo De LA Park, LA Park Jr, LA Park, Selina De La Renta, El Jefe.

So Promociones Dorado has been around for a couple years now and has grown and shrunk over that time. Selina De La Renta has been the main force behind the group as LA Park and his children have been the main wrestlers. Mil Muertes just joined a few months ago, and during his debut was when it was announced that Promociones Dorado was bought by a group known as Azteca Underground. The owner of Azteca Underground has been referred to as El Jefe and we do not know his identity. I'm 99% sure it's Dario Cueto from Lucha Underground, but that's a rant for another day. Los Parks are now the Tag Team Champions, and Mil Muertes stole the physical National Openweight Championship from Alexander Hammerstone and handed it to Selina. The group has been gaining power, notoriety, and most importantly, screentime, over the last few weeks, and I believe that after Never say Never at the end of the month, they will be the new top group in the company. They have their own website/arg(again, a rant for a different day) and the amount of depth and layers to this story has me convinced they will be important going forward.

team filthy

Team Filthy

Tom Lawlor, Kevin Ku, Dominic Garrini, King Mo Lawal, Don Lambert

Another big group at the center of many storylines lately has been Team Filthy. Tom Lawlor won the 2020 Opera Cup, the most prestigious tournament in MLW, while the group of Dominic Garrini and Kevin Ku, better known as Violence is Forever, have been dominating. Kevin Ku recently fought ACH, and the tag partners have been feuding with the Von Erichs for months now. King Mo has only appeared once this year and is a MMA fighter by nature. Lawlor also has that MMA background, and Violence is Forever also have martial arts experience. Don Lambert is still listed as the manager of the group but has really only been managing King Mo. Their main feud with the Von Erichs has been going strong, while Lawlor has been seen siding with Azteca Underground recently. The two could form a super faction down the line.



Myron Reed, Jordan Oliver, Calvin Tankman

A group that used to include Kotto Brazil and Rich Swann, up until recently Injustice was down to just two. It was only last week that tankman agreed to join up with Oliver and Reed. MLW's website hasn't even updated it yet. Reed was recently the World Middleweight Champion until losing it to Lio Rush, and Oliver recently challenged for the World Heavyweight Championship. As of this writing, Reed and Oliver are scheduled to challenge Los Parks for the Tag Titles and Tankman is set to fight Fatu for the World Heavyweight Championship. Injustice has been a very big part of MLW Fusion lately, and with every member scheduled for a title match I doubt that will change anytime soon. No matter what group they are fighting against though, they are the underdogs in terms of numbers. I'm glad they finally have Tankman, but still they only have three. 



Alexander Hammerstone, Richard Holliday

Another group that has shrunk since its formation, Dynasty is down to just two, and even that is a stretch. Hammerstone and Holliday seemed to be going their separate ways until recently, but after Filthy Island they've come back together and haven't been seen apart. Hammerstone is more face while Holliday is heel, but as a group they seem to be trending face. They have a really weird dynamic but I love it. As I mentioned, this group shrunk. Originally MJF was also part of it, but he's no longer on MLW for obvious Elite related reasons. Holliday and Hammerstone are kind of just an odd couple now, but they've been a lot of fun to watch, and I'm excited to see where they go next. 

von erichs

The Von Erichs

Ross Von Erich, Marshall Von Erich, Kevin Von Erich

The only group on this list that is actually a family still. Ross and Marshall are the children of Kevin Von Erich, the last member of the famous Von Erich family still active in the wrestling industry. Ross and Marshall are still fairly new to wrestling, but have been in big angles already in MLW, and were Tag Team Champions until losing the belts to Los Parks due to Tom Lawlor(see why I felt the need to run down all the factions?). They have been working with ACH lately as they are all from Texas and all have problems with Team Filthy. I doubt that ACH will form a permanent group with them, but at least for now, they're allies. 

stud stable

Stud Stable

Colonel Parker, Aria Blake, Leo Brien, Michael Patrick

This group is interesting in that two of its four members are managers. Colonel Parker's family has been involved in the wrestling industry since the 1920's, and is just one example of MLW recognizing the early 20th century history of wrestling. Leo Brien and Michael Patrick are known as the Dirty Blondes and are the only wrestlers in the group. The Von Erichs have expressed interest in joining, but as now, it's just the Blondes. They were last seen failing to win the Tag Team Championships. 

hart foundation

The Hart Foundation

Brian Pillman Jr.

Well this is sad. MLW's website still lists the Hart Foundation but has Pillman as its only member. They did the same with Holliday for Dynasty but at least Hammerstone seems to still be there. Both Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Teddy Hart are gone due to probably signing with WWE and going to prison(again) respectively. As such, it's hard to think they'll keep the Hart Foundation name for long unless they give Pillman some friends. Poor guy, all alone. Wave that banner proudly Pillman, someone has to.


Free Agents

Low Ki, Laredo Kid, ACH, Bu ku Dao, Gino Medina, TJP, Savio Vega, Septimo Dragon, Gringo Loco, Parrow, Puma King, Zenshi, Kit Osbourne, Konnan

This is every single person still on the MLW roster as either a wrestler or manager according to MLW's website. Some of them like Puma King and Septimo Dragon haven't been seen in months, but like I said, having only one hour a week of television means plenty of people don't get as much time. These people could join groups at some point, but as of now, they're all lone wolves. That covers all of MLW and I hope that this has helped you keep all the different groups straight in your head! I love, love, love MLW, and its many factions is part of why I love them, but they admittedly can be confusing. I'll be issuing occassionally updates to this list as major changes occur so keep your eyes here, and make sure to watch MLW Fusion every Wednesday at 7PM EST. 

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