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MLW Fusion 112; Orlando, Fl.

Opera Cup Opening Round: Laredo Kid v. ACH

At the early going, both men try to gain control by trading wrist locks.  Quick action to start us off between the two men.  Laredo Kid with a swift kick to the head of ACH followed up by a missile drop kick & a flying cross body from the inside to the outside of the ring.

Back in the ring now.  Laredo Kid lays in some kicks & chops.  ACH battles back.  ACH punt kicks Laredo Kid & both men are on the outside now.  ACH is in control now after some combination offense.  ACH seems to be getting a little frustrated after a couple of 2 counts.  Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from ACH.  ACH knocks Laredo Kid to the outside & goes for that punt kick again, but this time Laredo Kid blocks it.

Laredo Kid seems to be favoring his right elbow.  Laredo Kid with a Northern Lights Suplex for a 2 count.  ACH catches Laredo Kid & hits a backbreaker, suplex combo.  ACH seems to have tweaked his back.  Laredo Kid reverses a suplex, hits a Tiger Driver & followed it up with double moonsaults for a near fall. 

Laredo Kid has all the momentum now.  Laying into ACH in the corner.  ACH battles back with a powerbomb out of the corner for a 2 count.  Both men exchange stiff strikes in the middle of the ring.  Laredo Kid lands a cutter off the top rope, but only gets a two count. 

Laredo Kid tries heading to the top again, but ACH kicks him in the head & then lands a brainbuster for the win.

ACH pin 7.23

Winner by pinfall; ACH. 

The Black Hand of Contra, Mads Krugger v. Ariel Dominiguez

A dominating performance from The Black Hand of Contra.  Throwing Dominiquez from ring post to ring post.  The one offense move from Ariel is stiffened when Krugger catches him and plants him into the mat.  The Black Hand of Contra finishes this off by face planting Dominiquez into the mat.  Easy victory for Mads Krugger.

Winner by pinfall; Mads Krugger

Black Hand Win 7.33

Opera Opening Round; Low Ki v. Davey Boy Smith Jr.

A handshake gets this match underway.  Both men trying to feel each other out and get the upper hand.  Low Ki tries to get Davey Boy on the ground, but Smith keeps countering.  Some great mat wrestling early on.  

DBJ locks a leg submission on, but Low Ki is able to escape.  Both men back to their feet & here we go again.  Low Ki tries to wear down the knees of DBJ, but Davey Boy is able to get away from any attempts & work a headlock.  Davey Boy moves it into an arm bar & Low Ki makes attempts to get out, but DBJ is too powerful.  

Both men to their feet again.  Low Ki with a dragon screw leg whip & Davey Boy seems to be favoring his knee.  Low Ki know targets the knee.  Davey Boy gets the momentum back with a textbook suplex.  

Low Ki has DBJ in the corner & is trying to bust open Smith with some elbows to the head, but Davey Boy tosses Low Ki off the top to the outside.  DBJ takes it to Low Ki on the outside & brings the attack to him.  An outside in suplex from Smith.  Low Ki is favoring his shoulder now & Smith is targeting it.  Smith is in full control now.

Smith continues to target the shoulder of Low Ki.  Low Ki fights back with a crucifix for a 2 count.  Back to work on the arm from Smith.  Every time Low Ki shows some fight, Davey Boy Smith Jr. stops it by targeting the shoulder.   German suplex from Smith & follows it up by working on the shoulder.  Low Ki reverses another german suplex into a double foot stomp.  

Low Ki lands some running forearms & a kick.  Ki ducks a lariat and locks in a submission.  Smith bites the foot of Low Ki & the hold is released.  Low Ki lays in some stuff kicks to the chest of Smith Jr. 

Low Ki heads to the top & misses the double foot stop.  Smith Jr. cathces Low Ki in a powerslam for a nearfall.  A frustrated Smith scoops up Low Ki to go for finisher, but Low Ki grabs rope and locks on a submission hold.  Davey Boy Smith Jr., tries to roll up Low Ki for the win, but Low Ki beats him to the punch and gets the roll up victory.  What a match!  

Low Ki Win 8.01

Winner by pinfall; Low Ki

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Until Next Week.   Bye for now.......


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