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Calvin Tankman v. ZENSHI

Tankman debuted recently & is ready to bring it verse ZENSHI.  A class of size & styles with these two.  ZENSHI uses speed to avoid Tankman, but no real offense from ZENSHI.

Standing dropkick from Tankman.  He continues to show off his agility.  Tankmanplants Zenshi & gets a 2 count.  Tankman just tossing ZENSHI around the ring.  ZENSHI fights back, but it is not enough.  ZENSHI did everything he could, but in the end Tankman was too much.  He lands his Tankman Driver for the 1-2-3.

Winner by pinfall; Calvin Tankman

Violence is Forever (Garrini & Ku) v. Dugan & Matyr

Ku & Garrini (Violence is Forever) makes their MLW Debut.  Garrini showcasing his BJJ & submissions early.  Ku demonstrates his stiff strikes & a suplex.  Some nice teamwork and quick tags from Violence is Forever.  Easy come, easy go for Violence is Forever.  

Winner by pinfall; Violence is Forever

Alicia Atout speaks to Alexander Hammerstone

Hammerstone wants to talk about Mads Krugger.  Hammerstone was impressed by Mads Krugger, that does not scare him.  

Hammerstone announces that he has officially been cleared to return to competition & challenges Mads Krugger to a match at Kings of Coliseum.  He has his eyes on Jacob Fatu & step 1 is Mads Krugger.  

CONTRA interrupts the feed.

Opera Cup Semi-Final: Richard Holliday v. Low Ki

Both men looked poised for this match.   Holliday unloads on Low Ki early in the corner.  Holliday not giving Low Ki any opportunity to his a knockout blow.

Low Ki battles back & lays in some chops of his own, but Holliday uses his strength to take the advantage.  Low Ki rolls up Holliday and hits a double stomp on the chest, but Holliday shifts the tide with a backbreaker.

Great counters being show by both men.  Low Ki goes for submission on Holliday, but The Dynastic One gets to the ropes.  Low Ki lays in some stuff kicks to the legs of Holliday.  Springboard clothesline from Holliday & both men are down.

Both men get to their feet.  Ki with some flying elbow & then a spin kick.  Holliday catches Low Ki and plants him with a pop-up powerbomb for a 2 count.  Both wrestlers look exhausted.  

Low Ki delivers some viscous elbows to the head in the corner.  Holliday executes a spinebuster for a nearfall.  The legs of Holliday are two weak to execute his finisher.  Low Ki hits a foot stomp into the corner & then hits his finisher for the win.  

Winner by pinfall; Low Ki

The Von Erichs v. Fatu & Simon Gotch-MLW Tag Team Championship

This come fast & fury right out of the gates.  The Von Erichs waste no time & all four men are going at it outside the ring.  The bell has not even rang yet.  The men are going back and forth beating the holy hell out of each other.   

Finally Ross & Gotch get in the ring & we are under way.  Hesitation dropkick into the corner on Gotch.  Fisherman suplex from Ross.  Gotch battles bag, tags Fatu who just levels Ross.  

Contra has seperated the ring.  Fatu gnaws at the head of Ross.  Superkick from Fatu.  Quick tags from Contra.  Gotch works on shoulder of Ross.  Marshall is itching to get in to the ring.  Fatu back in ring dominating.  Fatu stops a hot tag from Ross.  Ross is taking a beating.  

Contra Unit is in complete control.  Gotch back in to continue the beating of Ross. Brainbuster by Gotch & a tag to Fatu.  Ross ducks & Fatu heads to the outside.  Gotch tries to stop the Hot Tag, but Ross ducks a chop & tags in Marshall.

Marshall comes in and lays in some fists to Gotch, followed up by a dropkick.  Clothesline from Marshall.  Fatu breaks up a pin.  Now all 4 men are in the ring.  Chaos again.  Marshall Von Erich puts gotch through the ringboards on the outside.  

Now, full on CHAOS has ensued.  Out comes Team Filthy!  Jordan Oliver attacks Gotch.  This has gotten out of control & we are out of time.

See You Next Week!

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