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Bu Ku Dao v. La Park Jr

La Park Jr. has a big size advantage & uses that to his advantage early on.  Dao, much smaller than La Park Jr., was mentored by TJP & his hoping to impress him.

La Park Jr. with a dive to the outside, just like his dad.  The Parks lay into Dao on the outside & things are not looking good for Dao.  Dao shows a little bit of offense, using his quickness & agility.  

Park Jr. in control most of this match, but Dao was able to sneak away a win with a roll up pin.   

Winner by pinfall: Bu Ku Dao

Mads Krugger v. Ben Heavy & Daniel Starling (Handicap Match)

Mads Krugger takes on two men tonight.  Krugger dominating the match & these two men did not stand a chance.  We hear that Hammerstone is being held back from coming to the ring.  Krugger makes quick work of these two.

Winner by pinfall: Mads Krugger

Opera Cup Semi-Final: Tom Lawlor vs. ACH

We see counters by both men & neither man gets the upper hand earlier on.  ACH works on the leg of Lawlor.  Both men back to their feet.  ACH holds onto a side headlock, which Lawlor tries to get leverage.  

Lawlor with his legs wrapped around neck & head of ACH.  A nice physical, grappling match in the early goings.  

Lawlor unloading chops onto ACH in the corners.  Lawlor hitting ACH with some stuff strikes.  Filthy Tom with some knees to the head of ACH.  Lawlor in control now.

ACH uses his quickness to counter & hit a dropkick.  Now, ACH is unloading some chops of his own.  Abdominal Stretch from ACH & rolls up Lawlor for a 2 count.  ACH in control now & throwing Lawlor off his game.  ACH targeting Lawlor's back.  

Lawlor escapes and gets momentum back.  Both men have taken a beating.  Lawlor with a vicious elbow!  Now both men exchange forearms back and forth.  Lawlor goes for the submission, but ACH counters & goes for the double stomp.  Lawlor cathces him in a rear naked choke.

Counters back and forth by both men, with some near falls.  Tiger Driver by ACH for a 2 count!  WOW!  Lawlor catches ACH's frogsplash and rolls him up for the 1-2-3!

Winner by pinfall: Filthy Tom Lawlor

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Hammerstone Krugger Brawl

Hammerstone & Mads Krugger started brawling and fighting all over the MLW Arena & order had to be restored. During the Lawlor/ACH match we see footage of them brawling backstage after things had been restored.

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