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MLW Fusion 120

Jordan Oliver (w/Myron Reed) defeats Sentai Death Squad (w/ Daivari)

Oliver took on two members of CONTRA's Sentai Death Squad.  Oliver took it to the Sentai Death Squad.  Oliver tweaked his knee a little after two big boots to the members, but that did not stop the 2hr Ironman, as in the end Oliver connected with the Clout Cutter for the 1-2-3.  Post match promo, Oliver declares that he is now in the heavyweight division & Fatu should really take a look at his last match.  

World Tag Team Championship: Los Parks (c) (w/Salina de la Renta) defeat TJP & Bu Ku Dao

8 minutes & 20 seconds of hard hitting, back and forth tag team action.  TJP & Bu Ku Dao brought everything they had to the Parks, but in the end, the experience & chemistry of the Los Parks prevailed.  Winning & retaining the World Tag Team Ttiles, the Los Parks.  After the match, we see a frustrated TJP shove Bu Ku Dao to the ground.  Also, during the match, Salina de la Renta was joined ringside by a man in a suit.  This man was said to me an associate of Azteca Underground Inc. and is watching over El Jefe’s investment.

Gino Medina defeats Gringo Loco

Gino Medina makes his return to MLW to take on Gringo Loco.  Medina left Dynasty over the summer & we see Azteca Underground associates scouting the match.  Loco came out firing & went for the quick win, but Medina countered a moonsault from Loco to roll him up and get the win.  After the match, Medina cuts a promo & maybe this is not the last we have seen between these two.

MLW National Openweight Champion Alex Hammerstone defeats Mads Krugger? in a Baklei Brawl

An intense battle between two men who have been going after each other since Kings of Coliseum.  They fought outdoors using all sorts of the environmental offense (metal gate, pallets, etc).  A great spot when Hammerstone threw Krugger, like a dart, into the side of a dumpster.  Just when we think that Hammerstone is going to get the pin & the win, we see that the man that was tossed into the dumpster is not Krugger.  Mads Krugger returns attacks Hammerstone & the CONTRA logo flashes on the screen as MLW goes off the air.  What will happen to Hammerstone?  CONTRA & Mads Krugger got to scout the location for this match, so Muscle Mountain was at a disadvantage from the start & who only knows what Krugger & CONTRA had planned from the start. 

Also on Fusion

Salina de la Renta says she has a generous offer for Vega & IWA.
Alicia Atout has some information on Tim Donaghy's shenanigans.
Marshall & Ross Von Erich are looking for a way into Filthy Island.
Lio Rush will defend Middleweight Title vs. Laredo Kid next week

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