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MLW Fusion Instant Recap

ACH defeats Brian Pillman Jr. (5 mins 53 seconds)

We see Team Filthy standing by watching the entire match between ACH & Pillman Jr.  A match between two equally matched wrestlers & the injured ribs did not keep ACH from capitalizing on this opportunity and get the win on Pillman Jr.  


After the match, ACH does not wait & takes it to Team Filthy.  But before Team Filthy can get the upper hand, the Von Erichs make the save.

Von Erich's to the rescue

Calvin Tankman defeats ZENSHI (5 mins 52 econds)

A very good match between two men with different styles.  Tankman showed off his agility & power, but ZENSHI kept refusing to give up.  Lots of heart from ZENSHI, but in the end Tankman was just too much for him.  Tankman remains undefeated in MLW & is a force to reckon with.  

Tankman win

CONTRA Unit (Davari & Gotch) vs. UNJUSTICE: No Contest

The MLW World Champion attacked INJUSTICE before they hit the ring & a slobberknocker ensued.  No justice for KOTO tonight for INJUSTICE.


But INJUSTICE did get a little payback on Fatu.

FATU double Dropkick

Lio Rush defeats Laredo Kid to Unify the MLW Middleweight & AAA Cruiserweight World Titles (10 mins 25 seconds)

A Frantic, high intensity match between these two stars.  Laredo Kid brings it to Rush right out of the bat & Rush needs to re-think things.  A back & forth match between two of the best middleweights in the world.  Rush was the more aggressive of the two wrestlers, but kept getting two counts.  Rush showed a new aspect to his game & showed he had some preservation to become a double champ! 

Feel the Rush

Also on Fusion 121

  • Alicia Atout interview with Richard Holliday.
  • Salina De La Renta announced Azteca Jungle Fight between Muertes & Vega.
  • Matches announced for Filthy Island, which is next week

Now, if you missed the show, go WATCH it NOW!

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