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Opera Cup Opening Round-Richard Holliday v. TJP

Early on, both men showing their technical prowess & neither man really gains an early advantage.  Holliday using his size & power to try and equalize the speed of TJP.  

TJP a dropkick off the top to the outside.  Holliday bumps the ropes to take the advantage over TJP.  TJP is able to get control and locks on a sharpshooter.

TJP using his speed to bring it to Holliday, but The Caribbean Champion catches TJP & plants him for a 2 count.  Holliday works a headlock on TJP, which slows him down.  

TJP once again uses his speed to get the momentum back, but it is stopped by a Holliday spinebuster.  Holliday uses this to execute his finisher for the win.

Holliday WIN

Winner by pinfall-Richard Holliday

Calvin Tankman Debut

The long awaited debut of Calvin Tankman is agaist Robert Martyr.  Tankman shows that he has quickness & agility for man of his size. 

Tannkman Agility

Power, speed & agility.  Just like that, it is over.  What a debut!

Winner by pinfall: Calvin Tankman

Opera Cup Opening Round-"Filthy" Tom Lawlor v. Rocky Romero

Two men with a lot of talent & experience in this opening round of the Opera Cup.  Lawlor comes out wearing some really nice cutoff jean shorts.

Lawlor & Romero both feeling each other out.  Lawlor is looking to get Romero down on the mat to take advantage of his MMA abiity.  Romero is holding his own & went for a submission.

Neither man has a clear cut advantage early on.  Romero works a headlock on Lawlor & relentlessly keeps locking it on to slow down any momentum from Lawlor.  A stand off in the middle of the ring with both man trying to knock the other down.  Lawlor knocks down Romero.  Flying knee off the apron from Romero.  Rocky is in control now & feeling good. 

Romero ties Lawlor up in a octopus submission, but Lawlor uses his power to get out.  Drop toe hold into a submission hold by Lawlor.  Filthy Tom is in control now.  

Lawlor has now grounded Romero and held wrist control even after pin attempts.  Back and forth submission attempts from both men.  A very good, hard hitting, technical match.  Both men look exhausted.  

Lawlor reverses a Romero attack and hit an exploder suplex.  Tornado DDT from Romero.  Hard hitting from Romero.  Lawlor counters an armbar attempt into a rear naked choke, but Romero reversed that too.  A near fall from Romero after a running sliced bread.  

Stiff kicks & strikes by both men.  Back & forth palm strikes.  Lawlor goes for rear naked choke again, Romero blocks it, but gets rolled up for the pin.

Lawlor Win

Winner by pinfall: "Filthy" Tom Lawlor.

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Hammerstone Update

Hammerstone calls in to tell us that he will bounce back & he is coming for CONTRA, but the feed was interrupted by CONTRA.

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