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Last week's edition of MLW FUSION saw the final opening rounds of the 2020 Opera Cup. Low Ki got retribution as he defeated Davey Boy Smith Jr. in a rematch from last year's Opera Cup. ACH also defeated Laredo Kid to adavance to the semi-finals. 

Now as we move on to the semi-finals of the 2020 Opera Cup. Here is everything advertised for tonight's show including a championship match:

Low Ki vs Richard Holliday(2020 Opera Cup Semi-Finals Match):

Preview (via MLW) - Following Low Ki’s victory over Davey Boy Smith Jr. [WATCH FOR FREE], the “Lone Wolf of Brooklyn” advances to the semi-finals where he will take on Richard Holliday for the first-time ever.

Holliday, having advanced with a win over TJP two weeks ago, has gone deeper in the tourney than he did last year. Could he be on a path to the finals?

“My team is working on a very lucrative sponsorship package once I win the Cup,” said Holliday. With self-proclaimed “dynastic qualities,” Holliday sees the Opera Cup as a chance to cement his name forever in the sport – AND grab some prestigious sponsorships from Perrier and Rolex. 

Standing in his way is the former MLW World Heavyweight Champion Low Ki. A perennial main eventer, has Low Ki recovered from that grueling opening round bout against DBS? He will have only 7 days to recuperate after a grueling opening round bout.

Low Ki, who has family in Puerto Rico, is not too happy with Richard Holliday disrespecting the IWA Caribbean Heavyweight title and Puerto Rico. Those close in his camp indicate he plans on tattooing Holliday with some heavy strikes to express his disdain for Holliday’s conduct.

Featuring 4 opening round bouts, the league has teamed up with international organizations to bring the best wrestlers from around the world to compete in the 2020 Opera Cup.

The winner of this bout will advance to the finals where he will fight either ACH or Tom Lawlor.

Held annually for nearly 50 years at various turn-of-the-century opera house locations from New York City to Boston, the Professional Wrestling Opera House Cup was a grueling multi-day tournament. In 2019 it was revived with MLW now the home and host for future Opera Cup tournaments.

CONTRA vs The Von Erichs(MLW World Tag Team Title Fight):

Preview (via MLW) - Following CONTRA’s Josef Samael vowing CONTRA would dethrone all of MLW’s champions on FUSION (watch for FREE), the reigning World Tag Team Champions Ross and Marshall Von Erich accepted the challenge.  

Soon thereafter, CONTRA released a propaganda video revealing that it would be the World Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu along with tag team ace Simon Gotch stepping foot in the ring against the Von Erich boys this Wednesday night.

“This is such a big title fight we’ve gone ahead and made this a double main event alongside our Opera Cup semi-finals,” said Court Bauer. “Fatu is pound-for-pound the most dangerous man on the planet. The Von Erichs are the only guys who have had success against Fatu… and happen to be the same guys Fatu is trying to take the belts away from this Wednesday. This is going to be a good one.”

Will Fatu become the first-ever double champion in MLW history? 

Violence is Forever makes their FUSION Debut:

Preview (via MLW) - Team Filthy has set its eyes on collecting the Von Erichs’ World Tag Team Championship and they’re sending Dominic Garrini and Kevin Ku for the coveted titles.

Collectively known as Violence is Forever, Ku joined Team Filthy over the summer after Garrini allegedly witnessed Ku’s “extraordinary performance” at an Inoki Jungle Fight tournament on the Amazon River. 

Garrini knew instantly Ku would be a great addition to Tom Lawlor’s fight camp.

Both Ku and Garrini have been Lawlor’s training partners in Las Vegas as he readies for the semi-finals of the 2020 Opera Cup.

“The tag team division in MLW is STACKED,” said Court Bauer. “Von Erichs, CONTRA, Los Parks, Injustice, the Dynasty, TJP & Bu Ku Dao and now Violence is Forever? This is the most loaded our division has ever been.”

Will Violence is Forever make a statement and storm the tag team division? 

With the Von Erichs defending their titles against CONTRA, will Violence is Forever be tempted to interfere in the championship bout?

Alica Atout Exclusive Interview with Alex Hammerstone:

Preview (via MLW) - Following CONTRA Unit’s plot to take out Alex Hammerstone via Mads Krügger’s brutal assault of Hammersone 3 weeks ago, Hammerstone has a lot to say and he’ll go on the record with Alicia Atout this Wednesday night.

Hammerstone, who was placed on the injured reserve list by league physician Dr. Sweglar, has protested being forced into being inactive. This, despite a rib contusion, hyperflexion of the neck and transverse myelitis, among other injuries.

Hammerstone, who has been ranked #1 in MLW for nearly 18 months, has led the charge against CONTRA, including uniting MLW’s wrestlers to fight back and retake control of the league and ignite the restart.

Alicia Atout has confirmed Hammerstone will provide an update on his health as well as news that he promises will send shockwaves throughout the league.

What scoops will Alicia Atout score when she interviews Hammerstone?

Calvin Tankman vs Zenshi:

Preview (via MLW) - Calvin Tankman represents the new breed of fighting athletes in MLW and this Wednesday he’s out to prove he should be in the Top 10. 

Standing in his way is the double South American champion Zenshi.

Tankman is hungry for the competition and after his debut put the entire league on notice. This Wednesday the Indiana native looks to prove he is a major league player in the making.

What happens when a 355 pound Tankman collides with the explosive and unorthodox Zenshi in an openweight encounter?

MLW invites you to join us as we celebrate the sport’s oldest tournament as it returns this Wednesday on MLW FUSION at 7pm ET on YouTube, Fubo Sports and Pluto TV. 

Fans can also watch nationwide on cable and dish via beIN SPORTS on Saturday nights at 10pm ET and on demand anytime, anywhere on DAZN. Learn more about where to watch.

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