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Last week’s edition of MLW FUSION saw Alexander Hammerstone defeat Mads Krugger in a Baklei Brawl in the main event. We also saw Jordan Oliver defeat The Sentai Death Squad and Los Parks retain their newly won tag team titles against TJP and Bu Ku Dao.

What is next for MLW?

Here is everything advertised for tonight’s show: 

Preview (via MLW) - One of the most impressive newcomers since #TheRestart has been the 355 pound Calvin Tankman. Capturing the imagination and interest of fans and the sports media alike, the seemingly indestructible Indiana native has pulverized the competition.

Matchmakers have struggled to find grapplers willing to take fights with the behemoth and it’s starting to frustrate the big man.

“The heavyweight hustle wants more competition by any means necessary, so I’m signing this open contract,” states Tankman. “Who wants it?”

Preview (via MLW) - New matches will come in with the tide as “Filthy” Tom Lawlor sets his fight card for a day at the beach on February 17th.

Emanating from an “economical location” in Hawaii, due to sponsor issues, Filthy Island promises prize fights in paradise. But who will be in action? Well, we’ll find out this Wednesday as Alicia Atout hosts the Filthy Island Control Center.

Preview (via MLW) - ACH is not in a good mood since Team Filthy (allegedly) attacked him just days before the biggest match of his life – most likely changing the outcome of the Fatu/ACH World Heavyweight Championship bout.

Now, ACH looks to unleash his fury in the ring and make a statement as he eyes payback on Team Filthy for their disgraceful conduct.

But is ACH 100%? The short answer: No. ACH’s ribs remain tender, following the attack by Team Filthy. Dr. Sweglar said it could take up to a half year for him to fully recover. Does this create an opportunity for Pillman? Will ACH bounce back after heartbreaking heavyweight title match?

Preview (via MLW) - Jordan Oliver and Myron Reed have wanted to get CONTRA in the ring or on the streets since last summer. Now, it finally is set to go down this Wednesday on FUSION.

Watch Reed & Oliver challenge CONTRA to match

CONTRA Unit extinguished the bright career of Injustice’s Kotto Brazil last May and ever since Reed and Oliver have been determined to get some justice.

With Injustice calling out the “global dealers in violence for months,” CONTRA would strike with fury moments after Reed endured his heartbreaking championship loss.

Injustice endured a brutal beatdown courtesy of CONTRA, where the Iranian super soldier Daivari would be revealed as having joined up in arms with the international cabal. Left beaten with Reed’s chest protector destroyed, CONTRA sent a message.

CONTRA might’ve out-muscle Injustice but they didn’t out-hustle the young, scrappy fighters. Following a successful title defense by Fatu, the SENTAI Death Squad stood at attention as the CONTRA kingpin celebrated… only for the death squad to attack Fatu and Daivari! Revealing themselves to in fact be Reed and Jordan, the young duo would outsmart CONTRA.

In the aftermath, Reed and Oliver would reveal they had kept the masks and gear they stole back in October when MLW wrestlers stormed the MLW headquarters and took back control of the league from CONTRA. Waiting in the cut for months, Injustice finally cashed in on using the gear and made it count.

Will CONTRA terrorize Injustice or will the determined Reed and Oliver unleash some justice on CONTRA’s Gotch and Daivari? 

Preview (via MLW) - After last week’s shocking close to FUSION, what’s the latest on Hammerstone? has learned there will be an update on tonight’s FUSION at 7pm ET available on MLW’s YouTube channel.

Preview (via MLW) - Will IWA Puerto Rico accept the offer to be acquired by Azteca Underground?

Savio Vega has told that he will give an answer on behalf of his home promotion.

Will the brawling boricua cave to Salina de la Renta and her new proprietor’s demands?

And if not, what is the price of crossing the mysterious “El Jefe”?

Find out tonight on FUSION at 7pm ET on MLW’s YouTube channel.

Preview (via MLW) - In an exclusive, Alicia Atout will speak tonight with the Caribbean Champion Richard Holliday regarding controversial referee Tim Donaghy, the league’s investigation, Savio Vega, and on-going litigation?!

The biggest sports scandal of 2021 has rocked Major League Wrestling. Was the fix in on the Caribbean Strap match? League officials and the state athletic commission are in the middle of an investigation.

What will the alleged corrupt Caribbean Champion have to say about the rumors and innuendo? Tune in to FUSION tonight to find out.

Preview (via MLW) - After weeks of speculation, the AAA title versus MLW title match is official.

“When we started hyping #TheRestart, we promised dream matches and interpromotional title fights and this Wednesday we make good on a big one,” said MLW CEO Court Bauer.

Following a successful AAA World Cruiserweight Championship title defense 2 weeks ago, Laredo Kid challenged the newly minted MLW World Middleweight Champion Lio Rush to a title match. After some behind the scenes maneuvering and negotiations, Lio Rush confirmed on last night’s FUSION the title vs. title match is on.

Financial terms for the title vs. title bout have not been disclosed.

Laredo Kid won the coveted AAA World Cruiserweight Champion February 16, 2019 at AAA Conquista Total in Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico. Since then, Laredo Kid has emerged as one of Mexico’s most prominent luchadores.

Since debuting in MLW, Laredo Kid’s goal has been to win gold and possibly unify MLW and AAA championships. Next Wednesday he’ll get his shot.

Standing in his way is the self-described fighting athlete/influencer/musician/artist/reality star and moneyweight Lio Rush. Rush enters the match with immense momentum, fresh off of winning the World Middleweight title from Myron Reed and appearing on MTV’s The Challenge.

Outspoken about collecting all the gold, Lio Rush now looks to cement his history and become the first-ever wrestler to unify a MLW and AAA championship in league history.

Will titles be unified in this interpromotional dream title bout?

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