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Last week’s edition of MLW FUSION saw TJP and Bu Ku Dao win the tag team eliminator to become the #1 contenders to the MLW World Tag Team Championships. Plus we saw Richard Holliday retain the IWA Caribbean Championship in a strap match against Savio Vega.

What is in store for MLW tonight

Here is everything advertised for tonight’s show: 

Preview (via MLW) - Los Parks have set their first World Tag Team Championship defense in what promises to be a high-flying nonstop title fight.

With TJP and his protege Bu Ku Dao defeating Violence is Forever in an eliminator match to determine the next challengers for the title, the duo now look to dethrone the newly minted tag team champions in Los Parks.

TJP, who first competed in MLW in 2004, will fight for his first championship in MLW. This also marks newcomer Bu Ku Dao’s first challenge for gold in the league.

Former World Tag Team Champions Ross and Marshall Von Erich have deferred their contractual right to a rematch until a later date, citing their on-going conflict with Tom Lawlor and Team Filthy.

Los Parks have promised a “celebration of blood and brutality” for their new jefe, the mysterious owner and proprietor of Promociones Dorado, which is now a subsidiary of Azteca Underground LLC.

Will TJP and Bu Ku Dao shock the world and deliver Los Parks the distinction of the shortest reign in division history?

Will the third member of Los Parks play a role in the championship bout? 

Preview (via MLW) - The “Black Hand of CONTRA” Mads Krügger challenged the #1 ranked wrestler and threat to CONTRA’s Jacob Fatu to a Baklei Brawl… and Hammerstone has accepted!

The bout, which will headline this week’s FUSION, marks the first-ever Baklei Brawl in MLW history. Baklei is a term Afrikaans use for fighting. Bakleis are a staple of the South African underworld. Often involving gambling, these bareknuckle, anything go illegal prize fights have a reputation for being violent — and big business in the slums of Africa.

On FUSION Krùgger revealed his own history of violence, including boasting about fighting in these types of pit fights in South Africa for years.

Entering the unknown, Hammerstone recognizes he is on his own as he fights Krùgger on his terms and on his turf. What will happen when the masked mercenary of CONTRA welcomes Hammerstone into the dark shadowy world of Bakleis

Preview (via MLW) - The shadowy new owner and proprietor of Promociones Dorado has an appetite for acquisitions and plans on making a proposal on this week’s FUSION. has learned Azteca Underground has this time gone grander in its pursuit to gobble other organizations, this time targeting a promotion.

Promociones Dorado, now a subsidiary of the mysterious Azteca Underground LLC, was sold by Salina de la Renta to an unknown buyer in January. Salina, now reporting to a new “El Jefe” of sorts, will serve as an emissary for what appears to be a very public negotiation.

What organization does Azteca Underground’s new owner/proprietor have eyes on? Is it MLW? Is it a rival of MLW? Is it a promotion overseas?

Preview (via MLW) - can confirm Alicia Atout will host the control center and we’re told she will reveal the first wave of fighters set to compete in Hawaii.

Who will touchdown in paradise for a night of fighting? Tune in to find out!

Preview (via MLW) - Tom Lawlor along with Dominic Garrini and Kevin Ku were spotted yesterday on a certain Hawaiian island where the fight team was seen deescalating a situation with the locals.

According to an eyewitness, the confrontation between dozens of Hawaiian locals and Team Filthy got physical before Team Filthy were whisked away in a minivan wrapped in Condom Depot sponsor signage.

There have been several allegations surrounding Team Filthy since they touched down to prepare for the February 17th Filthy Island card.

Team Filthy had hired locals to work on promotion and hospitality in advance of February 17th’s Filthy Island event.

With reports of supposed issues with sponsors backing out, cash flow issues have become a challenge for first-time promoter Tom Lawlor as he looks to host an “immersive fight card” on the beaches of Hawaii.

The financial woes are directly tied to sponsors being uneasy supporting Lawlor due to the backlash surrounding the “Filthy Screwjob” ending to the Los Parks / Von Erichs World Tag Team Championship… and then there’s the scandal involving an alleged attack on ACH outside his gym in Austin, Texas.

Strapped for cash or not, the footage on social media of Team Filthy leaving garbage on the beaches and tropical trails surrounding the Filthy Island location did not help their relations with locals.

Will Lawlor adapt and overcome these challenges? Is Filthy Island a lock for its original gorgeous location in Hawaii? Only Team Filthy knows for sure. has learned that there will be an update on the state of Filthy Island this Wednesday on FUSION at 7pm ET.

Preview (via MLW) - CONTRA Unit has unleashed a wave of terror over MLW, including Injustice.

Tomorrow night Josef Samael will dispatch a soldier from the SENTAI Death Squad’s to take out Jordan Oliver.

Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver are out for some justice but what happens when the 20-year old Oliver squares off with a member of the Sentai Death Squad?

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