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Pulp Fusion

-we start off with a video clip of Bill Alfonso, after the first match between SABU & LA Park.  LA Park attacks Alfonso.

-back in Hawaii we see the Von Erichs.  They speak to Team Filthy about how they will feel the wrath of the Von Erichs.

-Myron Reed speaking about the CONTRA situation.  Reed states that INJUSTICE will not be taken over & have the CONTRA name all over their brand.  Reed teases new members of INJUSTICE.

-Holliday & Hammerstone on a video call.  Holliday shows off his new mustache.  Hammerstone loves Holliday's dynastic stache.

-Tom Lawlor pissed off about re-locating his Team Filthy Dojo & cutting promos on the Von Erichs.  Tom says when we get back to action, nobody will stop Team Filthy.  

-Ole' Mancer (in a mask) making a supply run for light beers.  He needs to get his energy levels back up.  Mance talks about welding together the Triple Tower of Doom. 

-LA Park looking in his fridge because his stomach is crying.

LA Park fridge

-Savio Vega from his home talking to The Dynasty & pissed off about Holliday stealing his Caribbean title & the deed to his childhood home.

-Colonel Parker learning to use a cell phone & social media

Until Next Time......

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