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Pulp Fusion

-we start off with a video of Mance Warner after his battle with Jimmy Havoc.  Bloody, but still drinking a beer & telling Hammerstone that he is coming for his title. 

MAnce bloody beer

-LA Park grilling & speaking to CONTRA about getting revenge for what they did to his son. Los Parks vow revenge. 

-Gino on his cell phone.

-Dan Lambert speaking about a safe working environment & that Low Ki does not have the capabilities to perform safely.

-Mance Warner states that welding, while you have been drinking is not Mancer approved.

-Myron Reed continues to tease the new members of INJUSTICE that are stepping up to the plate.  Reed says that the man he has hand picked is ready for war & to fight alongside INJUSTICE.

-Hammerstone & Holliday on their weekly Dynasty call.  Holliday talking about his private beach regiment.  Holliday breaks the news about his signing a contract.  Hammerstone tells him that everybody knows that already, it is all over social media.  Hammerstone also says he has re-signed with MLW.  The Dynasty stays with MLW.

-We see the Von Erichs celebrating their dad's birthday.  Kevin Von Erich says he wants to get revenge for what Lawlor did to the Texas flag.  

-Filthy Tom Lawlor also has a birthday & is not happy about it being on the same day as Kevin Von Erich.

-King Mo talking about beating Low Ki because his team threw in the towel & if he fights Low Ki again, it is night-night.

-Colonel Parker continuing to learn social media.

-Jordan Oliver being Jordan Oliver.  Oliver says INJUSTICE is everywhere.  

Until Next Time........

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