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Pulp Fusion

-We kick off episode 3 with a video flash back of Low Ki with Gary Hart vowing to take out anybody who gets in their way.

-video of Blue Meanie having De Ja Bluuuuuueeee outside of the 2300 Arena.  Blue Meanie still dancing.

-Jordan Oliver teasing the newest member of INJUSTICE. 

-Gino Medina refusing to answer questions about his status in The Dynasty

-LA Park making a challenge to CONTRA to whatever type of match they want.  He states his name represents all of MEXICO, his family, fans & all of MLW.  It is his duty to win this battle verse CONTRA.

-Mance Warner, with his light beers, pissed off at CONTRA taking over.  Nobody tells Ole Mancer what to do.

-Holliday & Hamerstone talk about their goals.  They want to buy MLW, sell MLW, then buy it again.  Hammerstone says he wants to go after the MLW heavyweight championship.

-Savio Vega says he is going to wipe that stupid mustache off the face of Richard Holliday.

-Dominic Garinni & Lawlor video chatting.  Garinni says he needs to get on the social media dating apps, so that they have girls to hand them the tag titles when they win them.

-KONNAN speaks to Joseph Samuel on the attack at the Super Series.  Konnan says he will get whoever he needs to to battle CONTRA. 

-Myron Reed explains what INJUSTICE means & what they are fighting for.  INJUSTICE is about freeing the people who are being locked down from their potential.

-Kevin Von Erich speaking to his sons about the struggle to be the champs and be on top.  Ross & Marshall talk about being fighting champions.

-Pulp Fusion ends with CONTRA attacking LA Park has he dares CONTRA to accept his challenge.  Samuel says they are all fools to think they can rise up again CONTRA.

Until Next Time......

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