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-Show starts off with Myron Reed telling us the revolution starts NOW!  Jordan Oliver says it is time to announce the newest member of INJUSTICE.  Myron Reed says that the newest member of INJUSTICE is: Saieve Al Sabah.

-Zenshi with his unique training routine.

-Gino Medina says he only worries about himself & the ladies.  Medina gets out a measuring tape and tells people to back up.  

-Von Erichs training on the beach & then catch their own fish for dinner.  

-Mance Warner talking about finishing the cage, but then he started drinking.  Mance yelling at Moon man.  

-At Team Filthy, Tom has just finished shaving his head.  Lawlor says that he needed to protect himself and change his look.  

-Hammerstone plays the National Anthem because he has been the National Openweight champion for 1 year.  For a limited time on, you can get the Hammerstone Summer Tour shirt.  Richard Holiday saying it was a necessity to shave his mustache because of the Caribbean women who were attracted by it.

-Alicia Atout announces an interview with Col. Robert Parker.  Col. Parker comes on the screen with Alicia with some, not so nice languge.  

-Los Parks looking for revenge on CONTRA for the attack on their father. 

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