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We start of this edition of Pulp Fusion with a commercial from The Marketable One, Richard Holliday.  You can pick up his DYNASTIC Coffee Mug here: Dynastic Coffee Mug

-Alexander Hammerstone playing guitar to his dog (Some great product placement here).  After drinking some Dynastic Coffee, Hammerstone is rocking out on the guitar, working out hard & all HYPED up.  

-King Mo talking about how he beat Low Ki so bad, he has no idea what language to speak, but King Mo can get you speaking English again.  

-Low Ki has sought legal advice & trying to get the clearance to fight again.  

-Mance Warner on the phone with Dirty Dutch.  Warner is calling Dutch because he is looking for a bear.  

-Los Parks pissed off & want CONTA's head

-Von Erichs in Hawaii with their Dad, training.

-Filthy Tom Lawlor having some technical difficulty when talking to Dominic Garinni.  Tom 

-Myron Reed speaks to us about opening our minds.  Reed talks about his new album, Bangers 4Ever.  

-Konnan talking about the return of Salina de la Renta & that she is not on his level.  

-Logan Creed promo about him being unleashed.

-Gino Medina still telling people to get 6 feet away.

-Saline de la Renta promo of how the MLW needs her & people should not be asking where she has been, but what she has done.

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