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In the 3rd installment of MLW Underground we get EXTREME. Sit back and see if Steve Corino can cement his legacy of the toughest brawler of all time when get steps inside the ring with Dusty Rhodes and Terry Funk in a Florida Death Match.

You will also witness the first rounds of the Global Tag-Team Crown tournament.

Also set to appear; Mike Awesome, Raven & more.

So sit back, relax & let Joey Styles take you Underground.


Florida Death Match: Steve Corino vs. Dusty Rhodes vs. Terry Funk

World Heavyweight Championship: Satoshi Kojima vs. Mitsuya Nagai

GTC Tournament Bout: Extreme Horsemen (Simon Diamond & CW Anderson) vs. Los Maximos

GTC Tournament Bout: “Dr. Death” Steve Williams & PJ Friedman vs. Jimmy Yang & Mike Sanders 

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