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The Man of a Thousand Deaths Has Something to Fear: Why Mil Muertes Should be Afraid of Parrow

For weeks now I've talked about how Mil Muertes is a scary dude. I've seen the man in Lucha Underground and he's had some big hardcore matches such as casket matches. I didn't think anyone in MLW could stand toe to toe with Muertes in terms of frightening audiences and making me curse loudly at my TV in disbelief, but I forgot someone. Someone who's been gone for years now, and has finally made his return. A man who stands alongside some of the best in the world over in All Japan Pro Wrestling. I forgot about Parrow. 

parrow no peace

If you just started watching MLW then last week was probably the first time you saw Parrow and noticed he's just another large strong man. Big deal: there's tons of large, strong men in MLW. So what separates Parrow from the likes of Calvin Tankman, Jacob Fatu, Savio Vega and the other heavyweights? No peace. I don't mean that Parrow has inner turmoil and is unable to find himself at a state of rest(but maybe, who knows) I'm referring to No Peace Underground. No Peace Underground is a no ring deathmatch company. The arena is just a stage and some barriers around the concert pit in front of the stage. No ring, no rules, no limits. Doors, light tubes, barbed wire, skewers, it's all legal. What's more is that Parrow in undefeated in No Peace Underground. He's beaten everyone from Tony Deppen to MV Young, and if you know deathmatch wrestlers then his list gets even more impressive. Names like Satu Jinn and Brandon Kirk. To put that in perspective if you don't know them I have a bloody cheese grater that Brandon Kirk used in a match. The fact that Parrow has beaten them all shows just strong he is. In fact, Parrow isn't just undefeated in No Peace Underground, he is undefeated in all singles and tag competition for 2020 and 2021. He only lost two matches total, and both of them were battle royale or gauntlet style large group matches. One of which was the Twink Battle Royal from Effy's Big Gay Brunch where he given the nickname of the twink hunter. Parrow has been an outspoken member of the LGBTQ+ community for years now, and in his last MLW apperances before this return he talked about preparing for his wedding. Parrow has returned to MLW a married man and I couldn't be happier. Getting married wasn't the only thing Parrow was busy doing though while away from MLW though. 

As I said, Parrow's last singles or tag team loss came in 2019 and was in Japan in All Japan Pro Wrestling's World Tag League. In fact Parrow competed in both the 2018 and 2019 World Tag League. Of course he didn't do this alone. Odinson is his tag partner and I hope to see him show up in MLW alongside Parrow at some point. MLW has a great tag division and could always use another one. So Parrow is clearly a great wrestler that's well respected not just in MLW, but throughout the world. He's an expert in deathmatch wrestling so could hold his own no matter how twisted Muertes decides to make the match and in fact has been in even rougher situations than the man of a thousand deaths. So all I've done so far is establish this probably won't be a squash match, but what should actually happen?

mil muertes bio page

I think the match should go at least five, if not closer to ten minutes. Parrow should give Muertes the best match he's had so far. In fact, it should be no DQ. It should showcase that both men have no care for rules and aren't here in MLW to have professional wrestling matches: they're here to fight. Parrow is one of the few men on the roster who could genuinely lawndart Muertes across the ring, and I need it to happen. I'm sure more people were excited about the announcement of Hammerstone vs LA Park for the Openweight championship, but my jaw literally dropped when I saw the Parrow vs Muertes announcement. Parrow doesn't need to win this match, but he needs to look good, and the fact that they have announced this match with Muertes two weeks in advance tells me that he will. Parrow could lead the charge for the return of deathmatch wrestling to MLW. Hardcore legends such as Mike Awesome, Steve Corino, and Shane Douglas all held the MLW World Heavyweight Championship back in the day, and everyone from CM Punk and Raven to Jerry Lynn and Terry Funk competed for the company. In recent years we had people like Jimmy Havoc and Mance Warner. Hell an old episode of MLW Underground had Sabu vs Mikey Whipwreck. So ya, Parrow bringing deathmatch back to MLW would be a quite welcome return. As I'm writing this, everyone is flabbergasted that AEW is doing a barbed wire rope match(to be fair it's also exploding) but MLW has already done barbed wire matches. With Parrow returning so too could this more extreme wrestling. Parrow becoming the beacon of deathmatch is one thing I think could happen coming out of this match, but more importantly, I want him to join Muertes. 

azteca underground

I think Parrow should join Azteca Undergound. As of now the group consists of Los Parks and Mil Muertes, but I think there is plenty of room for non-luchadors to join in as well. I fully expect Azteca Underground to become the biggest part of MLW. Side note, if you go to the Azteca Underground website you'll find an ad for a cabinet of curiousities that's been running since 1821 and if you call the phone number you hear a woman laughing and then the call ends. Look I had to be horrified by it and now so do you. Back to Parrow, I think he would make a wonderful addition to the group as he could be their muscle. He could be the bodyguard while Muertes goes after the world title. And if Muertes needs more support, then as I said, bring in Odinson. The End would make a great team on MLW and specifically a great team for Azteca Underground. At some point soon I'm sure we'll have another war chamber match, and if, as I suspect, Muertes will be in the title picture, then they'll need another member for the 4 on 4 match. Parrow could easily fill that spot. 

Whether Parrow becomes an ally or stays an enemy, however, he isn't someone that Muertes should take lightly. Mil Muertes may be the man of a thousand deaths, but he isn't the man of zero fear, and it's clear that Mil Muertes should fear Parrow. 

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