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Last week I predicted that a ladder match would be used to decide the National Openweight Championship. Now granted, that was one of five options I had listed, but still. MLW did announce a ladder match for the National Openweight Title to be held at the War Chamber taping on November 6th. They also did this week's article for me in part. Today we're looking at who I think should be the next National Openweight Champion, and MLW has now given me my options. The match will have five people, with the fifth being a wild card that as of writing we do not know. I can only assume they will be announced at the start of the match itself. Either the wild card, Zenshi, Myron Reed, Alex Kane, or Alex Shelley will be the next champion. We're going to look at each of the four announced wrestlers and whether they should win, and speculate on the identity of the wild card. 



I am a huge fan of Zenshi. His win-loss record in MLW isn't great, but as we discussed last week, this is about opportunity. Zenshi deserves that opportunity, and always impresses in the ring. I'm sure he'll put on a great showing in a ladder match, but should he be champion? I think he'd be a great champion, and most importantly, a different champion. Zenshi and previous champion Alexander Hammerstone couldn't be more different, and it would give the belt a new flair if it was defended it matches of a different style. Zenshi has been loyal to MLW for a while now, and has yet to win any title in the United States. We talked about him a long time ago, and I'm still onboard with giving him a push. this is a person that MLW can truly call their own, and one who would benefit greatly from the belt. 


Alex Shelley

I mean is it ever a bad time to make Shelley champion? He's won more belts than I can count, including the IWTV World Championship which he currently holds. In fact, going by PWI, that's his only World Title to date. Shelley has been a staple of the wrestling world for decades now, and that's because he's phenomenal. So you could easily make the argument of making him champion because it gives the belt name value. His defenses would surely be great, and whoever puts him will get a huge rub. All that being said, I don't think Shelley should win. Hammerstone said it best, this belt is an opportunity. I think this is an opportunity for someone who hasn't had the spotlight yet. Shelley is fantastic and I certainly wouldn't be upset with him winning, but I think it should go to a rising star rather than an accomplished vet of the sport. 

alex kane

Alex Kane

Wow there's a lot of MLW wrestlers named Alex. Anyway, Kane is just the type of guy I mean when I say the belt should go to a rising star. He's looked great so far in MLW, and throwing a belt on him early will prove that he's the next big thing. If he wins, this potential story brewing between him and Calvin Tankman could get that added boost of the championship, and really get the headline spot it deserves. I know Kane could handle the spotlight that a belt brings, and I know he's the kind of guy MLW loves to have on their marquees. If I was a betting man, I'd bet on Kane winning. 


Myron Reed

Outside of the literal wild card, I have the hardest time deciding if Myron Reed should win. I still think Reed should go after Tajiri with the Middleweight Championship. Then again, Reed is already a two time champion with that belt, so maybe it is time for a change of pace? Reed is a great wrestler, and I'm sure that MLW still has big plans for him, but it seems like he's heading towards a fight with 5150. I guess that could still have this belt involved, but it really doesn't need it. Reed offers a lot to this match and I'm sure he will be fantastic, but he doesn't need the win. Then again, it would still be a new direction for him, so I'm really torn here. Ultimately, I trust MLW's judgment. 

Wild Card



Okay, so this really wouldn't make me happy, but it's very much a possibility. Like it or not, nZo(formerly Enzo Amore) has been confirmed for the November 6th show. Making him the surprise entrant makes sense given the situation, but God he shouldn't win. Remember when he won the Cruiserweight Title? Ya, won't go well here either. 

blue meanie

The Blue Meanie

Okay, so hear me out. The show is in the ECW arena, Blue Meanie had a great reception on AEW Dark, and his podcast is on the MLW Radio Network. Three big checkmarks make me think Blue Meanie would be a perfect wildcard, and while he's not going to win, are you telling me you don't want to see Alex Shelley vs the Blue Meanie? Shame on you. 



So we had the big debut and the nostalgia pop, now for the serious pick. It's weird that this match was booked by Cesar Duran yet there's no Azteca Underground to be seen. With Muertes as Caribbean Champion and Los Parks with the Tag Belts, surely Duran wants all the gold? Aramis would not only be perfect in a ladder match, he would be perfect as champion. He has been called the future of Lucha Libre by many people, and based on booking so far, MLW seems to really like him. I could see him coming in and winning the whole thing. In fact, if he is the wild card, I predict he wins. Any other situation I'm betting Alex Kane, but add in Aramis and it's all but certain. 

Who do you think will be the wild card? Who will walk away champion? Be sure to let me know and check out MLW Wednesdays at 7PM on Youtube. 

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