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Jose Aldo Confirms He'll Fight Max Holloway At UFC 208

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Jose Aldo

UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo confirmed to the Brazilian media on Monday that he'll fight Max Holloway to unify the belts at UFC 208 on Feb. 11, 2017 in Brooklyn, New York to unify the belts.

“He’s saying ‘where's Aldo?’, you have to talk to the UFC,” Aldo said. “About the fight in February, I already knew that, I only didn't know who I would fight. It was between him and Pettis, whoever won the fight. It’s not something new. This fight will happen on Feb. 11.”

Aldo (26-2) hasn't fought since UFC 200 in July when he defeated Frankie Edgar by unanimous decision. Holloway (17-3) just won the UFC interim featherweight championship after TKOing Anthony Pettis at UFC 206 on Saturday.

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