Jose Aldo Set To Fight For UFC Early Next Year?

Jose Aldo

While we never did get details as to what exactly went down in the meeting between Jose Aldo and Dana White in Las Vegas, it appears Aldo will fight for UFC again. While speaking in an interview with Combate out of Brazil, Aldo’s head coach, Andre Pederneiras, stated they’re looking at fighting in February or March to unify the UFC Featherweight championship belts.

“Aldo wants to do the other things, but in the conversations we had (with the UFC), it became clear that they’re not going to let him do that,” Pederneiras said. “There’s nothing we can do. We have to fight.”

Pederneiras was referring to several interviews earlier this year conducted by Aldo that left him saying time and time again he was done fighting.

“If he goes back to fight, he will only fight to unify the title, independent of who it’s against,” Pederneiras said. “Aldo will accept no other fight unless it’s to unify the title.”

Aldo (26–2), the current interim UFC featherweight champion, is furious over Conor McGregor getting to face Eddie Alvarez for the UFC lightweight championship at UFC 205, as opposed to fighting him to unify the featherweight belts.

He last fought at UFC 200 where he defeated Frankie Edgar via unanimous decision.

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