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Max Holloway Responds To Jose Aldo's Claims Of UFC 208 Fight

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Max Holloway

Fox Sports has a new article online featuring quotes from UFC interim featherweight champion Max Holloway responding to comments made by UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo about the two fighting to unify the belts at UFC 208 in February.

Here was Holloway’s response:

"It's news to me. I guess we found where Waldo is so I'm glad. It's time to see what happens. We're going to talk to the UFC, see what UFC says or see if he's just trying to (expletive) start some (expletive)," Holloway told FOX Sports.

Holloway stressed they still needed to talk to UFC and Dana White to hash out the details but he believes Aldo wants to fight him only eight weeks out from his fight against Anthony Pettis to get him while he’s drained:

"That guy is crazy. I just looked and it's eight weeks out already. That's why that mother (expletive) wants to fight," Holloway said. "He wants me to be all drained out from two training camps in a row but that (expletive) ain't going to happen.

"Like I said, first things first, we're going to talk to the new owners and Sean Shelby and we're going to go from there. We'll see what happens.”

You can read more from Holloway in the Fox Sports article at this link.

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