Why Rashad Evans Was Pulled From UFC 205 Card

UFC 205

Rashad Evans was pulled from his scheduled fight against Tim Kennedy at UFC 205 in New York City on Saturday due to irregular findings revealed on an MRI that he had on October 19, 2016.

Evans was on his way to New York when he got the news from the New York State Athletic Commission that he would not be granted a license to fight.

"I'm disappointed," Evans told MMAFighting.com. "I'm healthy. I don't want anyone worrying about me. I'm fine, physically speaking. Never felt better. It's just the commission and their rules. I guess they have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to this.”

Evans indicated he still wants to fight Tim Kennedy and hopes to have the bout rescheduled. Kennedy found out the fight had been canceled when he landed in New York.

MMAFighting.com has exclusive details available at this link.

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