UFC 205 Broke Social Media Records Set By Super Bowl 50

UFC 205 Poster

While last Saturday’s UFC 205 is looking like it did not break the record of 1.6 million pay-per-view buys, it was a historic event for both the UFC and mixed martial arts. Colin Cowherd and Kristine Leahy talked at length earlier this week on The Herd radio program about UFC 205 breaking the record for social media activity, beating out the most recent Super Bowl (Super Bowl 50).

UFC 205: Alvarez vs. McGregor generated 14 billion social media impressions, which they noted “includes things like tweets, likes [and] responses.” To put the number into perspective, “The Herd” hosts pointed out that the latest Super Bowl generated 4.3 billion social media impressions.

“The live gate [was] at $17.7 million,” said Leahy when the two began discussing the various records set and/or broken by the UFC event last weekend at Madison Square Garden. “[The] attendance [was] over 20,000. The weigh-in attendance got over 15,000, which is a new global UFC record.”

Leahy dug a little deeper:

“Here is the crazy one,” she started. “Social media impressions — 14 billion social media impressions. That includes things like tweets, likes, responses, which is the most in UFC history. Just to kind of compare that to something that we can understand, how many do you think the Super Bowl had,” Leahy asked Cowherd. Cowherd guessed five billion impressions before she revealed that the answer was 4.3 billion.

“So the UFC fight had 14 billion social media impressions and the Super Bowl had one-third of that,” said Cowherd.

We have highlights of their discussion embedded above.

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H/t to MMAMania.com for the quotes.

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