More Heat On Josh Bredl As The Social Outcasts Respond To Tweet

Earlier we wrote about WWE Tough Enough winner Josh Bredl, who now works as Bronson Matthews in NXT, garnering heat for a tweet he sent during Raw about the social outcasts.

He’s now received responses from the members of the stable itself, which we’ll bring you below:

Curtis Axel:

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Heath Slater:

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Adam Rose:

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Bo Dallas didn’t directly refer to Bredl but tweeted this:

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  • Michael

    And the Tough Enough heat continues.. remember Miz and Puder?

    • BlazeKing

      I never liked Josh during the whole season. I’ve never said anything even hoping he’d win… I saw his personality in the 2nd show and I was against him ever since; especially the way he picked on ZZ. Miz only had “heat” because he came from reality TV and was seen as a “social outcast” (the gimmick now being used by the people that responded to Josh). Puder was just a d*** all around.

  • Kleck

    It’s the best work I’ve seen out of them yet. Keep it up.