New Divas Champion, Ted DiBiase Returns, Randy Orton Flips Off The Camera Then Apologizes On Twitter

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- Eve beat Layla at WWE Night of Champions to win the WWE Divas Championship.

- Ted DiBiase made his return to WWE television on the pre-show in the battle royal to determine the number one contender for the WWE United States Championship. DiBiase has been out since March.

- Randy Orton pulled a Fred Durst and flipped off the camera at the pay-per-view. He took to Twitter to apologize:


  • Matt

    Fred Durst and now Orton are just going to show that there needs to be attitude in wrestling again. That'll get viewers back. Let some curse words slip, let hardcore matches happen, get risky. Their best ratings had sex, swearing and violence.

    • ericdraven86

      We will probably never see the return of the hardcore match. Too much concern over concussions and such.

  • stoney

    You can't do or say anything in WWE these days without someone getting their feelings hurt

    • A.C.

      I know. I still think it was funny when Cena said fudge a few months ago, yet it didn't go over well.

  • Blaze

    Its like the NFL.

    • LeftyTosser

      No Fun League

  • mjledesma

    Is this a way to write Randy off tv for his movie? Get suspended for a finger

  • LeftyTosser

    With the exception of the Punk / Cena match, this was the worst PPV in over 15 years. VKM needs to get back to a more risky, not sure of the ending programming. There was not one single match leading up to the main event that couldn't have been predicted by a 3rd grader.

    • GODSENT83

      What PPV were you watching??? They had some real good matches

    • were you watching the PPV blind folded? Dude ive been involved in the business for over 13 years now and I dont even care for WWE that much(I like ROH) and I have to say that this PPV was one of the best they've had in a while, all the matches were solid and there were a lot of false finishes(google it) I dont know what you were watching but this was a good show.

    • you are mad


    We have come full circle in the business. Randy may not have been 'politically correct' with the gesture, but the attitude era is behind us. The WWF in the 80's didn't have, or for that matter need, any attitude or edgy programming. Fans were spoiled on the attitude era and while there were some things entertaining, most of it was pointless and tasteless. Just my humble opinion.

    • Ken

      In the Eighties they still tried to maintain a degree of kayfabe, some viewers still thought it was real, and the talent were able to perform with far less limitations that is currently placed upon them, and if they had problems they could leave and work elsewhere because there was lots of competition in the NWA/WCW, AWA, etc.

      You cannot compare the Eighties circus era to the current PG era. It's an apples and oranges situation.
      Regardless of how it came about, by developing the Attitude Era the WWE showed us all what is possible within the pro wrestling industry. As the saying goes, they let the genie out of the bottle. Once that genie's out it can't be put back in.

      Long term fans cannot be made to forget what came before, no matter how badly Vince might want to make us forget, and we long term fans are so passionate about it that we'll make sure Vince knows we won't forget. We know what the WWE is capable of, and we know the WWE isn't living up to its potential.
      It's like this… during the Attitude Era the dial was at 9 or 10, occasionally at 11. These days it's at about a 4, a 6 at best.

      Look at it another way instead. If you had a child in school you knew was capable of scoring 90% to 100% in their exams would you be satisfied if he started half-assing it and settling for 40%? No, you wouldn't. No one in their right mind would, but that's what the WWE are asking us to do at the moment.

      We weren't spoiled, we were enlightened, and now the WWE is expecting us to fall back into ignorance, and we're not accepting that.

      Just my humble opinion of course.

  • Paul

    I can’t think of anyone who flipped off a camera before in wwe …… Oh wait

  • Chris

    Austin beats punk, second coming of the era of attitude!!!

  • PhilT81

    There will be another attitude era but you will be waiting at least ten years for it until the current crop of child fans grow up and WWE try to turn the child fans into adult fans. Many of us are still fans because we didn’t grow out of wrestling because wrestling grew up with us and got more mature as we did which hooked us in for life. Right now we are back to the 80’s and the attitude era is a while away.