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Cody On NJPW Running More U.S. Shows, Thoughts On Omega/Okada Series


Cody Rhodes was involved in a media conference call to promote the upcoming New Japan Pro Wrestling’s G1 Special.

He talks about New Japan running more events in the United States.

Check out what he had to say down below:

“I have no doubt they could be successful running more shows in America.” Cody continued, “I mean, look at the roster. I could be a smart ass and say, ‘hey, as long as they put me on the show, they’ll be okay,’ but [NJPW] don’t have to put me on the show. The roster is just flush and it has two of the top five [pro] wrestlers in the world and that being [Kazuchika] Okada and Kenny Omega. And then, if you’re including me, that’s three, and Will Ospreay is just right there chomping at the bit. It’s an outstanding roster.”

Rhodes went on to express his thoughts and opinions on the Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada series:

“I guess time will probably tell as far as how I feel as a fan about it and I’m talking about the whole series. I don’t think people in the late 80s/early 90s or whatever were looking at that Steamboat/Flair Chi-Town [Rumble], [WrestleWar 1989] Music City [Showdown] run they had, I don’t think they were looking at it the way we look at it today. And when we look at it today, we see how important it was. “The thing I enjoy the most about [the Omega/Okada] matches is obviously they have deep connection between the two of them, a chemistry that exists between the two of them, but the thing like is that the matches are all very different. That’s special when you can do that and I think from my standpoint, I think those matches are the best at what those guys are able to do. But every wrestler’s able to do something different.” Cody said, “that’s how wrestling is. Everybody provides a different element and they’ve absolutely showcased the best at what they can do, especially in the bell-to-bell sense. I don’t look at it like, ‘oh, I have to have a match with [Omega] like that.’ No, it’s a different set of circumstances every time you’re out there. And I think as we go five, 10 years from now, we’ll see how special that series of matches are and how important those matches are.”

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